[sixties-l] Re: Suppose they gave a war, and nobody showed up

From: Maggie Jaffe (mjaffe@mail.sdsu.edu)
Date: Wed Jul 10 2002 - 09:44:50 EDT

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    Dear Sixties People and Radtimes:

    I saw "Minority Report" the other night, but what interested me more
    than that flick were the coming attractions. Wedged between the
    upcoming films was an advertisement for the army, but it cleverly
    resembled the same ultra violent, high-tech dribble which passes for
    movies these days. Following the army's hype, a coming attraction
    of "A Special Agent," or something like that, was shown. Basically,
    the premise for "A Special" is that a guy must "choose" between doing
    time in prison or becoming an agent on a dangerous, but fun-filled
    mission. It occurred to me that our surplus supply of prisoners
    might be the latest method to flesh out the military.

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