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From: William Mandel (
Date: Fri May 03 2002 - 23:05:29 EDT

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    I agree, although I'm not crazy about Michael's focus on people who can
    give substantial sums of money. I've attended a number of his meetings
    at his home. It is regrettable that he did not take his movement into
    the huge demonstration in Washington a couple of weeks back.
                                                                    Bill Mandel wrote:
    > It is an absolute disgrace to this list that it is distributing this
    > Horowitz-spawned piece of garbage. Michael Lerner like all of is not perfect
    > but he deserves much better than this.
    My autobiography, SAYING NO TO POWER (Creative Arts, Berkeley, 1999),
    was written for the general reader. However, if you teach in the social
    sciences consider it for student reading. It is a history of how the
    people fought to defend and expand its rights in my lifetime, employing
    the form of the life story of one who was involved in most serious
    movements: labor, student, peace with the USSR, civil rights South and
    North, civil
    liberties (I seriously damaged the Senate Internal Security Committee,
    the McCarthy Committee, and the House Un-American Activities Committee
    with spectacular testimonies that may be heard/seen on my website, ), the RADIO OF DISSENT (37 YEARS ON
    with very extensive information on its history) and the feminist
    although I am male. The book contains some fifty pages on my late wife,
    Tanya, appearing appropriately throughout the book. They may be found in
    the index under Mandel, Tanya. My activities began in 1927. I am 84. The
    is available through all normal sources. If you want an autographed
    send me $23 at 4466 View Pl., Apt. 106, Oakland, CA. 94611

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