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From: StewA@AOL.COM
Date: Sun Apr 28 2002 - 20:22:22 EDT

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    It is an absolute disgrace to this list that it is distributing this
    Horowitz-spawned piece of garbage. Michael Lerner like all of is not perfect
    but he deserves much better than this. I'm not going to analyze this piece in
    a line by line manner. Why bother? It contains some truths, some half truths,
    plenty of nonsense like his silly explanation of the "real" meaning of Tikkun
    and so many blatant lies that can only be deliberate. Like claiming Lerner
    urges tactical nonviolence on the Israelis when in fact he urges it upon the
    Palestinians and saying he favors the 1949 borders as a settlement of the
    dispute when in fact, he favors the 1967 borders. Getting this wrong is can't
    be an accident -- the author of this garbage obviously has read quite a bit
    of Michael's stuff and Michael repeats his positions enough, that there is
    no way this can be an honest error.
     There are many more lies and slanders--but a particularly hideous reference
    to Lerner and West alone should have disqualified this cruel nonsense from
    our list. --Stew Albert

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