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    Dear friends, family and colleagues:

    Jamil al-Amin would like to thank all of the people who have been working
    his behalf: contributing, organizing, supporting and praying for justice .
    He says that he is just fine and views this outcome as the will of Allah,
    according to his brother Ed Brown.
    " I will continue to do Allah's work wherever I am", Jamil al-Amin affirms.
    The religious leader says that " whether it's through the appeals process or
    in other ways, " the struggle just goes on at a higher level", Ed Brown
    reports that Jamil believes.
    The former chairman of the Student Non-violent Committee(SNCC) has been very
    moved by the efforts that many of his former colleagues from the civil
    rights movement who have rallied around his case. Among them are many of
    the heroes and well-known names from the 60's ; but also, many are the
    regular foot soldiers who were the change agents for moving this country
    towards less racially discriminatory official policies and practices.
    Above all, Imam Jamil Abdullah al-Amin stands strong in his faith and sends
    the message that we must not worry about him. " It is Allah's will", he
    Ed Brown says that the case " most definitely" will be appealed.

    Peace, Justice, Love and Struggle


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