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    Here is the newest info on the Black Panther Reunion my best, Roz Payne

          ItísAbout Time

     Committee to Celebrate the Founding of the

     Black Panther Party

     PO Box 221100

     Sacramento CA 95822

      (916) 455-0908

      Jonina Abron

     Safiya Bukhari Clark (Santa Rita) Bailey

              Kathleen Cleaver Nzinga Conway

     Emory Douglas Claudia Grayson (Sister Sheba)

    William (Billy X) Jennings

     Akua Njeri (Deborah Johnson) Talibah Shakir Gail



    March 12, 2002


    October 2001 marked the 35th Anniversary of the founding of the Black Panther

    Party for Self Defense (BPP). As a result of the events of September 11th,

    the BPP Reunion and Conference originally planned to take place in October

    was postponed and has been rescheduled for April 18th through 20th, 2002.

    Although the origins of the BPP were in Oakland, CA, and previous conferences

    have been held in California, the Black Panther Party had over 48 offices

    around the country and many of our major offices were on the east coast.

    This year's celebration will be held in Washington DC to recognize the

    contributions of our east coast comrades. This event will take place at the

    University of the District of Columbia, in Washington DC. Previous

    registrations and advertising will be honored.

    The Conference will feature panel discussions on reparations for the

    descendants of African slaves, political prisoners and Cointelpro (the FBI's

    illegal program to disrupt progressive political groups and destroy the BPP).

     The conference will feature workshops designed to formulate strategies to

    obtain freedom for political prisoners, combat police brutality, protect

    civil rights, build solidarity in the movement, and remunerate the victims of

    Cointelpro. There will also be workshops on women in the BPP, the difference

    between the BPP and the New BPP, and a number of workshops focusing on Youth.

    There will be some closed sessions dealing with issues pertinent to former

    Panthers. Historic photo displays will be open the public and there will be

    an ongoing film-video festival during the entire conference. Saturday

    evening, April 20, there will be a buffet dinner reception, an opportunity to

    socialize and visit with old friends and comrades.

    This is an opportunity for older, more experienced activists to share their

    knowledge and experience with young, enthusiastic activists of today. It is

    also an opportunity for isolated activists in related fields to come together

    to share creative and practical resources in the fight for social justice.

    We invite all former Panthers, community workers and current and former

    activists in the cause of social justice to attend. For more information and

    to download a registration form, please visit our website:


    For more info: It's About Time, PO Box 221100, Sacramento, CA 95822

    Phone: (916) 455-0908, e-mail: HYPERLINK "mailto:itsabouttime3@juno.com"


    The It's About Time Committee is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation. Tax

    deductible donations can be made to help sponsor the Reunion and Conference,

    to support publication of our newsletter or for Books Behind Bars, a program

    that sends reading materials to prisoners throughout the country.


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