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Date: Wed Feb 13 2002 - 21:32:40 EST

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    A facist takeover

    At least since january 28,2002 we all could know, what kind of creature this pretzel eating alcoholic is, who ursurped the american presidency. Did anybody here on the list listen to his press conference, where he said:
    "And the reason why is al Qaeda is not a known military. These are killers. These are terrorists. They know no countries. And the only thing they know about countries is when they find a country that's been weak and they want to occupy it like a parasite."

    There was a book where those words and reasoning already appeared. Let me give you a quotes out of it:

    In the Jew, however, this attitude is not at all present; for that reason he was never a nomad, but only and always a parasite in the body of other peoples. That he sometimes left his previous living space has nothing to do with his own purpose, but results from the fact that from time to time he was thrown out by the host nations he had misused. His spreading is a typical phenomenon for all parasites; he always seeks a new feeding ground for his race. .........
    His extension to ever-new countries occurs only in the moment in which certain conditions for his existence are there present, without which- unlike the nomad-he would not change his residence. He is and remains the typical parasite, a sponger who like a noxious bacillus keeps spreading as soon as a favorable medium invites him

    Substitute now AlQueida for Jew and then try to tell what is what. This quote is out of Hitlers "Mein Kampf". I guess this presidency is starting to grow to a facist takeover, even though i will not persist on this word, but the danger going out from this man/administration is obvious.

    Impeach Bush now
    Jochen Rohwer, Germany

    Hi Ron,
    thanks for your sarcastic contribution.

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    > They Really Are Insane!
    > I didn't watch The Great Leader's speech the night of January 29, 2001. I
    > just couldn't take the sycophantic applause from the audience and media,
    > nor could I handle watching the Leader's facial contortions. So I read it
    > in the New York Times the following morning along with the reaction from
    > Congress. It was worse than I expected. Much worse.
    > These men and women have lost it. Their easy victory over the Taliban in
    > Afghanistan has convinced them more than ever that they and their military
    > forces are invincible. Consequently, in their minds, the world is theirs
    > for the taking and anyone who gets in their way is dead meat. Indeed, the
    > Great Leader even mentioned specific targets he had in mind. What's nice
    > about these targets is that they are very real nation-states and easy for
    > even us unwashed masses to find on a globe. However, this ease of
    > identification is also their shortcoming-after all, should the Great
    > Leader's armies attack one of these countries and decimate its lands and
    > people, there can be no more war. Since the absence of war would not be
    > good for the health of the state, the Great Leader has warned us that there
    > are still thousands of evil terrorists out there to go after, too. Hell,
    > one might even be working in that cubicle next to yours. Or maybe he lives
    > next door disguised as a mild-mannered suburbanite who grows vegetables and
    > roots for the Yankees. You can never be sure, you know.
    > Since we can never be sure, our Great Leader is encouraging us to join his
    > Freedom Corps and defend the Homeland. So, as we goosestep down to the
    > local police station to sign up (at least until they give us the
    > opportunity to do so at work or school), keep your eyes wide open for any
    > suspicious activity. For instance, why isn't that house flying an American
    > flag and why do the teenagers who live there have peace signs in their
    > windows? What kind of music is that blasting from the car of those kids
    > driving by? Are those lyrics sanctioned by the Freedom Corps? What about
    > those immigrants down the street who can't speak American? What are they
    > plotting? Why don't they go to your church? One can never be sure. Best
    > to report them to the proper authorities. Remember, in this new world
    > American freedom depends on denying other people theirs.
    > What about the big corporations? How are they going to help the Great
    > Leader's cause (oops, I mean our cause)? By taking our tax dollars and
    > building new and more lethal weapons of mass destruction, of course. And
    > by lobbying for more tax cuts and a fairer application of the minimum wage.
    > Heck, if there wasn't a minimum wage in the United States, those poor
    > corporations wouldn't have to export those American jobs overseas. Then
    > every US citizen could have a job first, just like in the days of slavery.
    > Of course, we'll have to get rid of labor unions first. They always want
    > something that makes it difficult for corporations to be treated
    > fairly-like the eight-hour day and a minimum wage.
    > As for our kids, don't worry. They'll be taught the Pledge of Allegiance
    > from the first day of preschool. We'll make certain of that. Our youngest
    > Freedom Corps volunteers will report any adults who don't encourage blind
    > obedience to the State and its wars. Only through such vigilance will our
    > children be safe. Safe from freedom and safe from the dangers that freedom
    > can present.
    > See you at the Freedom Rally. Heil Freedom!!
    > -ron jacobs

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