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     INFO: update on jamil abdullah al-amin (rap brown)

     ed brown has asked me to disseminate the following
     information about the upcoming trial of his brother,
     jamil abdullah al-amin:
     1. rap is in good spirits and would like for as many
     of us as possible to come to the trial. the jury
     selection begins january 7 and is expected to
     last 2-3 weeks, after which the trial will start
     immediately, and is expected to last approximately one
     month. ed thinks that it is very important to
     have on hand as many supporters as possible from
     various segments of the community, so if at all
     possible please plan to attend .

     2. funds are badly needed to carry out the kind of
     fight that this death penalty trial demands. although
     rap has indigent status and the state covers
     minimal costs, the trial fees are enormous, with four
     specialized and highly skilled lawyers, expert
     witnesses and other attendant and expenses.
      tax deductible contributions should be made payable
     and mailed only to:

     justice fund
     p.o. box 93963
     atlanta, ga 30377
     ( al-amin may also be written in care of this

     ed brown says that because it is very important to
     present a rounded picture of rap the person, and not
     just as"panther", "revolutionary", "muslim",
     etc. he is urging that those of us who know/knew rap
     in more personal ways reflect on what we know of him
     as a human being, and to call his lawyer as soon as
     possible with such reflections.
     the lead attorney is jack martin--telephone number
     you may also write in this regard to attorney martin
     at :
     500 grant bldg.
     44 broad st. nw
     atlanta, ga 30303

     fyi: the other attorneys on the case are :
     tarif(michael )warren; bruce harvey; and tony axam.

     the trial will be held at atlanta's fulton county
     court house, presiding will be judge stephanie

     i'm contacting you to ask you to inform all of your
     friends, associates and colleagues who believe in rap,
     know the historically treacherous nature
     of the injudicial system in dealing with black men in
     general and black radicals and revolutionaries in
     particular,: and/or who are opposed to the
     death penalty. our brother's life is literally on the


     florence tate

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