[sixties-l] pork chop nationalism

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Date: Mon Dec 17 2001 - 15:00:46 EST

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    << I remember reading a Black Panther booklet which described Ron Karenga's
    style of activism as "pork chop nationalism." I think the writer was Huey
    Newton. Does anyone else remember this?

    After reading and indexing all the fbi cointelpro docs on panthers i found
    many docs written by the fbi that said that when the fbi wrote phony docs
    about bpp and us fbi agents shoould always use the words "pork chop karanga
    as he hated to be called pork chop. roz payne

    ps i will be in bay area Jan 20 for almost 2 week if anyone who has not
    already written me and who has a bpp story to tell let me know if i can
    video you.
    I will also be in LA area some time the beginning of April and the beginning
    of March . Please let me know if I can interview you. thanks Roz Payne

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