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Date: Mon Dec 17 2001 - 19:18:03 EST

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    ><< I remember reading a Black Panther booklet which described Ron Karenga's
    >style of activism as "pork chop nationalism." I think the writer was Huey
    >Newton. Does anyone else remember this?
    > >>
    >After reading and indexing all the fbi cointelpro docs on panthers i found
    >many docs written by the fbi that said that when the fbi wrote phony docs
    >about bpp and us fbi agents shoould always use the words "pork chop karanga
    >as he hated to be called pork chop. roz payne
    Thanks, Roz, for adding this much-needed perspective. The FBI once
    started their own "underground" newspapers in Austin and Indianapolis
    in order to try to discredit the Rag and the paper I then edited in
    Bloomington. These "dirty tricks" campaigns were often chillingly
    effective at creating divisiveness, paranoia, and sometimes
    internecine violence.

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