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From: John Johnson (change@pacbell.net)
Date: Wed Dec 12 2001 - 15:51:18 EST

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    We are looking for articles for the January 2002 edition of Change Links.

    Local issues would be good but of course with the war and civil liberties
    issues still in the forefront, we are looking for good relevant pieces that
    address those issues. Usually under 1500 words, (1000 is better), send via
    email and MS Word format if possible.

    We are also asking that groups help promote their events and support our
    newspaper by placing display ads and contributing our $5 donation per
    calendar item.

    We are striving to get a progressive message to a wide diverse audience
    throughout the Greater Los Angeles area. We distribute to many locals
    where "regular" folk will be able to pick up and read progressive views and
    see just how many progressive events go on every month.
    We do this as a volunteer and non profit effort and it is a lot of work.
    John Johnson
    Change-Links Progressive Newspaper
    change@pacbell.net or change-links@change-links.org
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