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From: monkerud (monkerud@cruzio.com)
Date: Sun Nov 25 2001 - 15:11:16 EST

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    I haven't seen anyone put together the lobbying of the far right
    during the war campaign to push the conservative agenda duyring time
    of national crisis.

    Several news stories back this and I didn't clip them, like I
    normally do. One a group that includes Rush Limbaugh that criticized
    the media for not being patriotic enough.

    The other is the group that used Lynne Chenny to attack academics for
    being disloyal.

      Someone needs to put these together. There must be more...

    best, Don

    >I am glad Jerry West has brought up the attacks on civil liberties
    >since Sept. 11. During a women's activists panel at the "Whole World
    >Is Watching" photo show in Berkeley last weekend, Susan Griffin
    >brought up the fact of current (news) censorship. (And see my post
    >yesterday re the Law and Order episode equating eco-activism with
    >terrorism and making innuendoes of danger is organizers on the net.)
    >The university attacks/petition posted to this list makes the point,
    >as well.
    > One person in the audience at the women activists panel mentioned
    >persons being disciplined at their worksites for peace-oriented or
    >government-criticizing remarks. I personally had such an experience
    >last week at work, being called in for "things like" having said
    >"We're all going to get blown up, anyway" (in fact, I was
    >semi-quoting from the daughter's comment in a Tillie Olsen story,
    >but never mind).
    > Well, not to mention the 1100 (?number?) disappeared and the
    >potentials of military tribunals for suspected terrorists. It can't
    >happen here, huh.
    > Paula

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