[sixties-l] I'll fly away flinging ecology from the net, or watch out terrorist caribou

From: PNFPNF@aol.com
Date: Thu Nov 22 2001 - 17:12:15 EST

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    or, did any of you happen to see last night's (Wednesday's) "Law and Order"?
    I only caught the end, but in it the hero (played by ex-"I'll fly away's"
    liberal lawyer) confronts 20-something "Coyote"'s webmaster, telling him it
    is his website's call to "eco-terrorism" that has inspired the teenage
    eco-activists (whom we in the last scene see in the courtroom) to set fire to
    an apartment complex, accidentally killing a person.
    It is a very scary attack on ecology activists (as if these were terrorists
    who, accidentally or otherwise, kill people), and on websites advocating
    [well, I'm not going to put the direct object on this sentence, since clearly
    this is only the first salvo in a still-vague attack on civil liberties].
      Oh, if anyone's interested--The webmaster makes a strawman argument or two
    (inc. "someone else would do it [if I didn't]" and explaining young people
    want social change, whereon lawyer says "teach them [other ways] to change
    things" whereon the webmaster says something to the effect "there's a war on
    and this is war". The teenage girl in court makes some statement like "we're
    ruining the earth, there's too many of us" as reason for their act.

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