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    Subject: Fwd: Academic Freedom Statement

    Date: Wed, 21 Nov 2001
    From: "Phil Gasper" <pgasper@ndnu.edu>
    Subject: Academic Freedom Statement


    The following statement in defense of academic freedom is being circulated
    by concerned faculty members. If you would like to endorse the statement,
    please send your name, academic position and affiliation, and contact
    information to academicfreedomnow@hotmail.com. Non-academic endorsers are
    also welcome.

    We hope to publish the statement as a full page ad in the New York Times
    and possibly other media outlets with the names of hundreds or thousands of
    endorsers. The cost will be many thousands of dollars. If you would like to
    make a contribution towards the cost of publishing the statement, please
    send a check to:

    Center for Economic Research and Social Change
    P.O. Box 258082
    Chicago, IL 60625

    Mark your check "Academic Freedom Ad".

    Please contact the email address above if you have any questions or comments.


    To fellow teachers and staff members:

    In the crisis precipitated by the terrible events of September 11, members
    of academic communities across the U.S. have participated in teach-ins,
    colloquia, demonstrations, and other events aimed at developing an informed
    critical understanding of what happened and why. Now that the U.S. is
    waging war in Afghanistan, such activities are continuing.

    Unfortunately, some participants in these events have been threatened and
    attacked for speaking out. Trustees of the City University of New York
    voted to condemn faculty members who criticized U.S. foreign policy at a
    teach-in during the first week in October. The president of the University
    of Texas at Austin publicly denounced a prominent faculty critic of U.S.
    policy. Efforts by pro-war students, alumni, and prominent media outlets to
    silence criticism and dissent have been reported at the University of New
    Mexico, Brown University, MIT, the University of North Carolina at Chapel
    Hill, the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, and elsewhere. AAUP
    director of public policy Ruth Flower told the Boston Globe on October 6,
    "We're watching these developments with a lot of concern."

    Attacks on faculty who have questioned or dissented from the Bush
    administration's current war policy have coincided with other ominous
    developments. Colleges and universities are being pressured by agencies of
    the federal government to hand over confidential information from student
    files. And there are moves in Congress to limit visas for students from abroad.

    We call on all members of the academic community to speak out strongly in
    defense of academic freedom and civil liberties, not just as an abstract
    principle but as a practical necessity. At a moment such as this we must
    make sure that all informed voices-especially those that are critical and
    dissenting-are heard.

    Nigel Alderman
    Assistant Professor of English, Yale University

    Anatole Anton
    Professor of Philosophy, San Francisco State University

    Anthony Arnove
    Adjunct Professor of Communications, Rhode Island College

    Nancy L. Ashton
    Associate Professor, Richard Stockton College of New Jersey

    Gregory A. Baker
    Director and Associate Professor, Food and Agribusiness Institute, Santa
    Clara University

    Suzanne Baker
    Lecturer in Anthropology, Creighton University

    Davarian L. Baldwin
    Assistant Professor of History, Boston College

    John D. Bandy
    Instructor of Sociology; Oglala Lakota College

    Alexandra Barron
    Assistant Instructor, Department of English, University of Texas at Austin

    Mark Bartlett
    Associate Professor, Humanities and Science & Graduate Studies, California
    College of Arts and Crafts

    Jaime Becker
    Graduate Student, Sociology Department, University of California, Davis

    Mark Beeman
    Professor of Sociology, Northern Arizona University

    Rick Berg
    Unemployed Adjunct

    Elaine Bernard
    Harvard University Trade Union Program

    Shelley Blackman
    Reference Librarian, Heafey Law Library, University of Santa Clara

    Joshua Brandon
    MA candidate, Department of Sociology, University of Alberta, Canada

    Eliot Brenner

    Dan Brook
    Instructor of Sociology, University of California, Berkeley

    Susan Bruce,
    Lecturer, School of English and Philosophy, Keele University, U.K.

    Dennis Brutus
    Professor Emeritus, Department of Africana Studies, University of Pittsburgh

    Mari Jo Buhle
    Brown University

    Paul Buhle
    Brown University

    Richard A. Dello Buono
    Fulbright Professor, 2001, Panama City, Panama

    Michael Burawoy
    Professor of Sociology, University of California, Berkeley

    Robert Buzzanco
    Associate Professor of History, University of Houston

    Alex Callinicos
    Professor of Politics, University of York, U.K.

    Eduardo Capulong
    Director of Public Interest and Public Policy Programs & Lecturer in Law,
    Stanford Law School

    Mia Carter
    Associate Professor of English, University of Texas-Austin

    Sean Chabot
    Doctoral Student, Amsterdam School for Social Science Research, University
    of Amsterdam, Netherlands

    Lin Kaatz Chary
    School of Public Health, University of Illinois at Chicago

    Renny Christopher
    Associate Professor of English, California State University, Stanislaus

    Dana Cloud
    Associate Professor of Communication, University of Texas at Austin

    Jane L. Curry
    Associate Professor of Political Science, Santa Clara University

    Anne D'Arcy
    Departments of English and Philosophy, California State University, Chico

    Diane Davis
    Assistant Professor of Rhetoric, University of Texas at Austin

    Lennard J. Davis
    Professor and Head, Department of English and Professor of Disability and
    Human Development, University of Illinois--Chicago

    Mario Diani
    Professor of Sociology, Universit di Trento, Italy

    Lauren Dietrich
    Undergraduate, Stanford University

    Bill Dixon
    Lecturer, Department of Criminology, Keele University, U.K.

    Emory Elliott
    University Professor, University of California, Riverside

    Marc Epprecht
    Assistant Professor of History, Queen's University, Kingston ON, Canada

    Barbara Epstein
    Professor of History of Consciousness, University of California, Santa Cruz

    Samuel Farber
    Professor of Political Science, Brooklyn College, City University of New York

    Ansar Fayyazuddin
    Assistant Professor of Physics, Stockholm University, Sweden & Visiting
    Scientist, Center for Theoretical Physics, MIT

    Crystal Feimster
    Assistant Professor of History, Boston College

    Serra Fels
    Undergraduate, Stanford University

    Milton Fisk
    Professor Emeritus of Philosophy, Indiana University, Bloomington

    Donna Flayhan
    Assistant Professor of Communication & Media Studies, Goucher College

    Tucker Foehl
    Graduate Student, American Studies, Yale University

    Barbara Foley
    Professor of English, Rutgers University, Newark

    Cynthia Franklin
    Associate Professor of English, University of Hawai'i

    Amelia Frank-Vitale
    Yale University '05

    Rosemary Frank-Vitale
    Reading, PA

    Dorothea French
    History Department, Santa Clara University

    Phil Gasper
    Associate Professor of Philosophy, Notre Dame de Namur University

    Richard Gibson
    Associate Professor of Social Studies, San Diego State University

    Kevin Gillan
    Research Student, Politics Department, University of Sheffield, U.K.

    Glenda E. Gilmore
    Peter V. and C. Vann Woodward Professor of History, Yale University

    Eric Glynn
    Department of Economics, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

    Julian Go
    Academy Scholar, Harvard Academy for International and Area Studies,
    Harvard University

    Penny Green
    Professor of Law and Criminology, University of Westminster, U.K.

    Jean Grossholtz
    Professor of Politics and Women's Studies, Mount Holyoke College

    John Gulick
    Postgraduate Researcher, Institute for Research on World-Systems,
    University of California, Riverside

    Chadwick W. Hale
    Graduate Student of Philosophy & Presidential Doctoral Fellow, University
    of South Florida

    Nigel Harris
    Professor Emeritus, University College, London, U.K.

    Jonathan H. Harwell
    Reference/Interlibrary Loan Librarian, Berry College

    Anne Hayner
    Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies, University of Notre Dame

    Lisa Heldke
    Associate Professor of Philosophy, Gustavus Adolphus College

    Pedro Hernandez-Ramos
    Assistant Professor of Education & Program Director, Center for Science,
    Technology & Society, Santa Clara University

    Patricia Penn Hilden
    Professor, University of California, Berkeley

    Jonathan Hunt
    Lecturer in English, Santa Clara University

    Ron Jacobs
    Bailey Howe Library, University of Vermont

    Robert Jensen
    Associate Professor of Journalism, University of Texas at Austin

    Amy J. Johnson
    Assistant Professor of History, Berry College

    Priya Joshi
    Assistant Professor of English, University of California, Berkeley

    Sanjay Joshi
    Assistant Professor of History, Northern Arizona University

    Philip J. Kain
    Professor of Philosophy, Santa Clara University

    Dennis Kalob
    Associate Professor of Sociology & Director of General Education, New
    England College

    William Keach
    Professor of English, Brown University

    Nancee Kesinger
    Professor of English, San Diego Mesa College

    Michael Kevane
    Department of Economics, Santa Clara University

    Sharon Kinsella
    Assistant Professor of Sociology, Yale University

    Kristin Kusanovich
    Lab Instructor, Theatre and Dance, Santa Clara University

    Scott LaBarge
    Assistant Professor of Philosophy & Classics, Santa Clara University

    Mark Lance
    Associate Professor of Philosophy, Georgetown University

    Mark A. Lause
    Associate Professor of History, University of Cincinnati

    Charles Lawrence
    Associate Professor of Sociology, Seattle University

    Debbie LeAnce
    President/Founder of Student Coalition for Peace, University of California,

    Steve Leigh
    Program Coordinator, Department of Health Services, University of Washington

    Tom Lewis
    Professor of Spanish, University of Iowa

    Anne Lewinson
    Assistant Professor of Sociology and Anthropology, Berry College

    Michael I. Lichter
    Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, State University of New York
    at Buffalo

    Catherine Lord
    Professor of Studio Art, University of California, Irvine.

    Robin Lorentzen
    Professor of Sociology, Albertson College of Idaho

    Jan Lucassen
    Senior Research Fellow, International Institute of Social History, Netherlands

    John MacKay
    Assistant Professor of Slavic Languages and Literatures, Yale University

    Sanjoy Mahajan
    Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge University, U.K.

    Jose Gabriel Maldonado-Rivera
    Chair, Department of Education, Hartwick College

    Ronald Markwardt
    Research Associate, School of Public Health, University of Illinois at Chicago

    Sean Martin
    Lecturer in Philosophy, Sonoma State University

    Richard Edward Martinez
    PhD Candidate, Department of Urban Planning, University of California at
    Los Angeles

    Peter Mascini
    Scholar, Faculty of Social Sciences, Erasmus University of Rotterdam,

    Susan Matt
    Assistant Professor of History, Weber State University

    Kathleen Maxwell
    Associate Professor of Art and Art History, Santa Clara University

    Louis Mendoza
    Interim Director, Hispanic Research Center, University of Texas at San Antonio

    Cynthia Metcalf
    PhD Candidate in History, University of Virginia

    Birgit Meyer
    Amsterdam School for Social Science Research, Netherlands

    Will Miller
    Assistant Professor of Philosophy, University of Vermont

    Raza Mir
    Assistant Professor of Management, Monmouth University

    Annelies Moors
    Professor and ISIM Chair, ASSR/Department of Anthropology and Sociology,
    University of Amsterdam, Netherlands

    Greg Moses
    Assistant Professor of Philosophy & Religious Studies, Marist College

    Francis Mulhern
    University Professor, Middlesex University, U.K.

    Andrs J. Nader
    Assistant Professor of German Studies and Comparative Literature,
    University of Rochester

    Clare Norins
    Law Student, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

    Margo Okazawa-Rey
    Professor of Social Work, San Francisco State University

    Jeff Ostler
    Associate Professor History, University of Oregon

    Susan Gushee O'Malley
    Professor of English, City University of New York

    Ken Parsons
    PhD Candidate, Michigan State University

    Nadine Peacock
    Associate Professor of Community Health Sciences and Anthropology,
    University of Illinois at Chicago

    David Pesnichak
    Undergraduate Senior/Southern Rockies Semester, Audubon Expedition Institute

    Frances Fox Piven
    Distinguished Professor of Political Science and Sociology, Graduate
    Center, City University of New York

    Dwight R. Platt
    Emeritus Professor of Biology, Bethel College

    Kamala Platt
    Lecturer, University of Texas, San Antonio & San Antonio College

    Amy Traub Poole
    PhD Candidate, Department of Political Science, Columbia University

    Colm Power
    Principal Researcher, 'Room to Roam: Britain's Irish Travellers' Research
    Project, St. Mary's College, U.K.

    Kathryn Ray
    Research Fellow, Department of Sociology, University of Manchester, U.K.

    Theodore F Rippey
    Assistant Professor of German, Bowling Green State University

    John E. Roemer
    Elizabeth S. and A. Varick Stout Professor of Political Science and
    Economics, Yale University

    Avital Ronell
    Chair, German Department & Professor of German and Comparative Literature,
    New York University

    Rodolfo Rosales
    Associate Professor of Political Science, University of Texas at San Antonio

    Edward Said
    University Professor, Columbia University

    Bernie Sanabria
    Assistant Director, The Career Center, Santa Clara University

    Jeremy L. Sappington
    Lecturer, School of Public Health and Community Medicine, University of

    Jennifer Scappettone
    PhD Candidate/Instructor, Department of English, Univeristy of California,

    Edward Schaefer
    Associate Professor of Mathematics, Santa Clara University

    Joseph Schaller
    Department of Religious Studies, Nazareth College

    Rebecca Schein
    PhD Candidate, History of Consciousness Department, University of
    California, Santa Cruz

    Zach Schiller
    PhD Candidate, Department of Sociology, University of California, Davis

    Eric Schocket
    Assistant Professor of American Literature, Hampshire College

    Juliet Schor
    Department of Sociology, Boston College

    Anne Scott
    Associate Professor, Northern Arizona University

    Helen Scott
    Assistant Professor of English, University of Vermont

    Conchita Franco Serri
    Director, Office of Affirmative Action, Santa Clara University

    Barry Shank
    Associate Professor of Comparative Studies, Ohio State University

    Kara Shaw
    Teaching Fellow, School of Politics, International Relations and the
    Environment, Keele University, U.K.

    Walt Sheasby
    Adjunct Instructor, University of Phoenix & Rio Hondo College

    Snehal Shingavi
    PhD candidate/instructor, Department of English, Univeristy of California,

    Ashley Smith
    Adjunct Professor, Johnson State University

    George Snedeker
    Professor of Sociology, State University of New York/College at OldWestbury

    Susan B.A. Somers-Willett
    Assistant Director, Master of Arts Creative Writing Concentration, English
    Department, University of Texas at Austin

    Mindy Spatt
    San Francisco

    Johnnie Spraggins
    Department of Sociology, Our Lady of the Lake University

    Mary Stiles
    Public Interest Program Coordinator, Stanford Law School

    Nora Sveaass
    Psychosocial Centre for Refugees, University of Oslo, Norway

    Rhonda Taube
    Assistant Professor of Art History, Mt. San Antonio College

    Jennifer Terry
    Associate Professor of Women's Studies, University of California, Berkeley

    Julie M. Thompson
    Assistant Professor of Communication, Southwestern University

    Nicholas Toloudis
    PhD Candidate, Department of Political Science, Columbia University

    Laura Turney
    Research Fellow, Dept of Sociology & Social Policy, University of Leeds

    Jojada Verrips
    Professor of Anthropology, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands

    Luis A. Vivanco
    Assistant Professor of Anthropology, University of Vermont

    Meredith Warden
    Masters Program, School of Public Health, University of Illinois at Chicago

    Dave Whyte
    Department of Sociology, Manchester Metropolitan University, U.K.

    Lisa A. Wilkinson
    PhD candidate, Department of Philosophy, University of South Florida

    Ed Wiltse
    Assistant Professor of English, Nazareth College

    Derek Wright
    Researcher, Computer Science, University of Wisconsin, Madison

    Emily Wright
    Assistant Professor of English, Berry College

    Dvora Yanow
    Professor and Chair, Department of Public Administration, California State
    University, Hayward

    Usha Zacharias
    Assistant Professor, Westfield State College

    Susan Zieger
    Ph.D. Candidate, University of California, Berkeley

    Howard Zinn
    Emeritus Professor, Boston University

    Phil Gasper
    Chair, Dept. of Philosophy
    MS 191
    Notre Dame de Namur University
    Belmont, CA 94002

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