[sixties-l] Who are the Enemies?

From: drieux (drieux@wetware.com)
Date: Wed Nov 21 2001 - 20:36:26 EST

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    On Wednesday, November 21, 2001, at 03:54 , Jay Moore wrote:
    > "I want to emphasize that education and knowledge are the most powerful
    > tools that we have available in engaging in the struggle to make a better
    > world," he told a gathering in 1971. "It is through the control of
    > knowledge
    > that the ruling class maintains its power."
    > With Mr. Watson at the helm in 1968-69, the South End's radicalism often
    > put
    > it at odds with the Wayne State administration. The newspaper's masthead
    > carried the images of two black panthers and the slogan: "One
    > class-conscious worker is worth 100 students."


    I found it an interest trilogy of pieces, one covering the problems
    that Microsoft has with achieving global domination, The Left's
    on going discipline issues with Horowitz, and the possibility that
    he might be right - the 'new kids on the block' may be a bit confused
    about how to Appropriately DO 'new left' - and as such be more of a
    threat to National Security by way of providing the very excuses that
    the Evil Korporate Welfare State Militarists will need to crack down
    on everything everywhere.

    For those who may have missed out on the H1B crisis of the nineties,
    Computers, by way of Foreign Born Computer Geeks, was a leading cause of
    taking high paying jobs in computer industry jobs that americans did not
    want to take the time to master, and shipping all of that money off
    to countries like India, Pakistan, Isreal, and on and on and on. It was
    also more of the same old export Tech Jobs overseas to 3rd world countries
    where Corporate Overlords like AOL found it cheaper to set up their
    service sites in places like the Phillipines, rather than get americans who
    were not willing to work for low wages, to do those jobs here. Maybe
    is a dangerous thing, and it might confuse people if we oblige them to step
    back and look at the full case load and not just the cool bits....

    I will of course, out of pure professional curtesy, not comment on some of
    the bad coding habits of american born code monkey's and the current
    of 'java trained' typists from american colleges, nor their management, nor
    the shills who stood like carnival barkers hustling the whole dot.com
    Since to ask for, well, some analysis that would lead to knowledge, would
    a lot of hard technical work, and not simple pie in the sky solutions.

    As for the dope smoking notion that any country can 'monitor all of the
    is cool marketting - but there are only about a Bagillion Small Technical
    that make it little more than viewGraphWare that the party comrades share
    each other, before signing the checks to the code monkey keepers. We
    started laughing
    about this back when it was really funny as a usenet news gag about the
    'line eaters'
    and then became the 'wave of the future' when Vietnam gave the contract to
    the Aussies.
    And of course, who can forget the american monolith, that all knowing, all
    all omnipresnet NSA who clearly knew everything about the World Trade
    Center Bombing,
    but their friends in the liberal media are of course covering all of that

    Get real folks - the NSA FREAKED when RSA leaked, and now there is DES2
    out there,
    and if you are really interested in the wealth of cryptographics work that
    one can
    do for fun and amusement, just webSurf Yourself to death, and pound your
    fingers into the ground coding it all up. So let us just say, if you
    really want
    to encrypt and be secure, there are more ways than merely Johnny Mneomic
    to get
    that information through.

    But that is a part of what gives Bill Gates an edge. Mom and Dad do not
    want to
    know an IP Packet Header from a UCP datagram, let alone the differences
    a router, a switch, a hub and why JAVA is a better platform, for the
    moment, than
    the .NET craze, or that they could actually make their own embedded
    applets using
    linux and java. They have just figured out how to get their VCR to stop
    12:00 when they have to go out and get a DVD player. All they really want
    is to
    get something to and from the kids - you know foto's - a letter, email,
    so that the next time we drop over we know who is who and what is
    important, and
    whether or not Santa Claus should bring them what in particular.

    So if you don't want BillWare - you can always 'just get a Mac' - the eye
    will kill you - or you can join the open source linux folks....

    But I think that it is a bit premature to hope that the collapse of
    america will
    be due to MicroSoft. Some here will recall that 'unix' leaked out of Bell
    because AT&T's anti-trust issues prevented them from selling computer
    stuff, and
    as everyone, left, right and center, will recall, the break up of AT&T was
    as the end of the Free World and the complete Collapse of Everything

    Hum.... Windows2000 took the unix kids from Digital, when it belly flopped,
    now Apple is built on a BSD Mach Kernel.... and well, the linux geeks are
    that collection of moral reprobates, heirs to the first port of Unix from
    AT&T standard.... So like maybe they are right. Heaven only knows but AT&T
    still trying to figure out whether to keep or spin off its broadband

    Hum, that's history, its a part of that 'military style knowledge' stuff
    could be dangerous if folks ever got their hands on it....

    What if there IS an advantage in having cellphones? So that one can
    in the rest of the housemates while you're standing at the Togo's to get a
    consolidated take away order, so that everyone eats what they want, and
    don't all have to drive a care everywhere? What if using email to
    who picks up whom so that everyone gets to TurkeyDay in the fewest

    Why, what if we started to support 'telecommuting' as part and parcel of
    whole 'work experience' so as to actually cut down on the back log of
    traffic - and one has time to stay on top of the important things - rather
    spending hours in traffic.

    What if it isn't the 'technology' that is the problem?

    What if it isn't the 'oppressor boogey perkin' out there somewhere?

    What if it really is all about the VALUE of one 'class conscious worker'
    really being worth more than a hundred student trendies of left or right,
    who is willing to Put in a Solid Days Work for a Solid Days Wage. Who is
    willing to let their co-workers slide, whether they are line code-monkies,
    or manglement, or executives. What if that 'class conscious worker' happens
    to be Management or an Exectutive, who is not willing to support the hot
    new buzzphrase filled marketting schpeel of either the wall street wankers
    or the current chic techGeekTrick, or the Litigation Anxieties because the
    PC freaks have figured out it is cheaper to sue for
    cause du jure, than to actually be a productive worker.

    What if the Diggers were Right?



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