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From: radtimes (resist@best.com)
Date: Fri Jul 27 2001 - 15:25:35 EDT

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    Date: Wed, 25 Jul 2001
    From: Speak Out <katya@speakoutnow.org>
    Subject: Speaking Tour with Elaine Brown

    Dear Friends,

           SPEAK OUT is planning a speaking tour featuring Elaine Brown, a
    former leader of the Black Panther Party and a long-time activist and
    author (see bio below). The tour is slated for Black History Month in
    February 2002 and beyond in conjunction with the release of her
    much-anticipated new book "Condemnation of Little B," which examines
    the case of a 14-year old sentenced to life imprisonment for a crime
    he did not commit. Please contact Speak Out for details on costs and

    Thank You!
    Katya Min

    Elaine Brown
    Elaine Brown became, in 1974, the first and only woman to lead the
    Black Panther Party. In her autobiographical memoir, "A Taste of
    Power: A Black Woman's Story," she recounts her life from the ghettos
    of North Philadelphia to her leadership in one of the country's most
    important and militant civil rights groups. Currently the book is
    being developed by producer Suzanne de Passe as an HBO movie.

    Now with her forthcoming book "The Condemnation of Little B" (due out
    February from Beacon Press), Brown examines racism in the United
    States through the case of Michael Lewis, "Little B," a 14 year-old
    African American boy condemned to life in prison. The story of
    "Little B" is a riveting one, and an example of the particular burden
    racism imposes on Black youth. Brown met Lewis and began
    investigating details of the case, uncovering how the prosecution
    railroaded the boy in their search for a quick, symbolic conviction.
    Brown also examines the role of the press in molding public sentiment
    and portraying "Little B" as a "super-predator." Brown cites studies
    and cases from all over America which reveal how much more likely
    youth of color are to be convicted of crimes and to serve long - even
    life - sentences, and ironically how deeply the new Black middle
    class is implicated in this devastating reality.

    General Topics Elaine Brown can address:
    African Americans
    Black Panther Party
    Civil Rights Movement
    Police Brutality, Abuses
    Political Prisoners
    Prisons, Prisoner Abuse
    Women & Feminism

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