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Date: Fri Jul 27 2001 - 01:24:23 EDT

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    I only knew Farina personally of those four (Farina, the Baez sisters,
    Dylan). This was earlier, around the end of the fifties, when Farina and
    three others (Kirk Sale jr., Tod Perry, David I-forget-his-name) "led", or at
    least spokepersoned, a protest ("keep the party in apartyment," in the
    language of my friend Peggy's sign) against a tightening of Cornell's in loco
    parentis rules--a protest that was at least a good part of the more political
    protest scene in Been Down So Long..., Farina's *very* popular book. He died
    in May, not July, 1966, by the way--en route, if I remember, to some event
    celebrating/following the book's publication. Yes, he was very "ego"--but,
    at least from my brief, and rather superficial, acquaintance with him in
    Ithaca, in a sort of warm, youthful, exuberant (though, to be sure,
    self-involved) way--"charming," but pleasantly. Farina was a writer's
    writer, too, then--in the sense that he could switch styles fluently and use
    them well. --I've not read the Positively 4th St. book, so I don't know
    if this contradicts its claims; like most of us, I've heard the stories of
    Joan Baez's ambitiousness, Dylan's callousness, etc, but have no idea if
    they're true.

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