Re: [sixties-l] Summit protesters - rebels with a cause!!!!!

Date: Thu Jul 19 2001 - 00:50:07 EDT

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    How about the students and anyone else organizing protests against Bush'
    Star Wars, in which the Space Command writes right up front that the
    U.S. must dominate space militarily, fight wars from space, and, for
    those to whom corporations are the main red rag, brags that 75
    corporations helped in drafting the Missile "Defense" program? Moreover,
    in its official literature, that the job is to defend U.S. "interests
    and investments."
                                    William Mandel wrote:
    > In a message dated 7/16/01 9:00:25 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
    > writes:
    > << "Another similarity with the 60s is that today's protestors are middle
    > class. That must be worrying for governments who rely on their middle
    > classes to put them in power and keep their economies running." >>
    > Even more worrying for them will have to be that, in fact, these protestors -
    > as opposed to the 60's - are not all middle class. Trade unions have joined
    > the fray and attract huge contingents of demonstrators (I saw them in
    > Quebec). OK, we know the trade unions have been greatly weakened, but they
    > still have some clout behind them. In the 60's, and I do remember it, the
    > trade unionists FOUGHT us; now they are with us.
    > Just the other day I was talking with some young people who were bemoaning
    > that they did not live in the 60's. I said, hey, take a look around you.
    > The 60's in a new form with some new and some similar issues IS BACK. There
    > is a movement and it is growing. Go to the next anti-globalization
    > demonstration and you'll see.
    > How about someone putting up lists of the upcoming anti-globalization demos
    > so we can go if one is near us.
    > Gretchen Dutschke

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