[sixties-l] Carl Davidson Re: Lemisch, Garvy

From: radman (resist@best.com)
Date: Fri May 11 2001 - 03:24:36 EDT

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    Carl Davidson (Chicago) writes:

    Re: Lemisch, Garvy

    Hi Wesley

    I agree that Garvy's film told her truth. There wasn't
    anything inaccurate in it, but lots was left out that I
    would have put in to tell the story the way I would have
    told it. I also agree that her film has a positive impact
    with the new generation or even older folks who weren't
    that close to it at the time.

    But I wouldn't expect much from Lemisch and other
    academics. They have too many other axes to grind. The
    problem is that how you tell the story in a critical way
    depends on what your politics are now. For instance, I
    would say that a combination of ultraleftism, dogmatism,
    some white chauvinism, the FBI and plain old youthful
    inexperience did SDS in prematurely, while others would
    blame Maoism or Marxism- Leninism, "external cadres" or
    the failures of socialism and communism in general.

    Your story depends on where you're coming from, and the
    professional historians aren't above it.

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