[sixties-l] Not a penny for Kent State commemoration

From: radman (resist@best.com)
Date: Sat May 12 2001 - 17:16:38 EDT

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    05-03-01: $86,000 for Barbara Bush, but not a penny for Kent State

    By Bev Conover

    May 3, 2001 -- Thirty-one years ago tomorrow, Ohio National Guardsmen
    opened fire on a group of students at Kent State University, who were
    peaceably demonstrating against the Vietnam War, killing four of them and
    wounding nine others, but now the Student Senate Allocation Committee has
    sought to obliterate the memory of that terrible day by refusing to fund
    this year's commemoration of a defining moment in our nation's history.

    Why? Some say it's ideological; that the SSAC has been taken over by right
    wing Republicans.

    The KSU administration has wanted to put the shootings down the Memory
    Hole for years and even went so far as to build a gymnasium over the site
    where the students were cut down. Now it has an ally in the SSAC, which
    refused to give the May 4th Task Force -- founded in 1975 to commemorate
    the events of that terrible day -- $15,000, from it's annual $300,000, for
    this year's event. Yet, the SSAC coughed up $86,000 to pay former First
    Lady Barbara Bush for her "April 10 campus visit for a day of hobnobbing
    with young conservative go-getters, followed by an evening speech in the
    2,500-seat MAC Center. Our suspicions were heightened when we noticed that
    Babs didn't fill the house; 600 of the $10 tickets went unsold. And
    suspicions began to harden into certainty when Bush's speech, justified by
    College Republicans as an exercise in political consciousness-raising,
    turned out to be a series of "grandkids at Kennebunkport" Family
    Circle-style anecdotes interspersed with Lake Wobegonesque tales of the
    foibles of her family pastor," the Cleveland Free Times reported.

    George W.'s mommy, during an afternoon photo session, showed her skills at
    consciousness-raising by excoriating a student senator, because she didn't
    like his blond, shoulder-length dreadlocks. According to the Free Times,
    she told Ethan Picman, "Thank God you're not my grandson."

    The Republican-dominated SSAC has kicked out big bucks in previous years
    to bring such "illuminaries" as Robert Dole and Colin Powell to the KSU

    Money or no money, the May 4th Task Force, has determined the
    commemoration will be held, because what happened at Kent State that
    fateful day was a defining moment for a generation and a lesson for all
    generations to come. It was the unthinkable: American troops firing upon,
    killing and wounding unarmed fellow Americans. The students' crime? They
    opposed the war in Vietnam, and they took their constitutional right of
    free speech and the right to peaceably assemble seriously. While the shots
    that rang out that day solidified the people's opposition to the war, they
    also put student activism into a catatonic state from which it is only now
    beginning to awaken.

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