Re: [sixties-l] (Fwd):Reparatiopns, DH & the Left

Date: Fri Apr 06 2001 - 12:08:51 EDT

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    Horowitz got the idea for his ad from another guy, a holocaust denier, who
    also placed ads in college papers and argued for free speech. Horowitz was
    always derivative -- back in the old days -- he borrowed from I. Dueuthcher
    and now from a denier. In a way he is a slavery denier -- denying if not its
    fact, at least its scope and effect. Do I think the government should outlaw
    his ideas? No. Do I think newspapers should profit financially from his
    ideas? No. Do I think his ideas are worthy of a good discussion? Not any more
    then some crazy guy who tells me that no Jews did in gas chambers.
    Stew Albert

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