[sixties-l] Initiate change, vote Hayden for City Council

From: radman (resist@best.com)
Date: Thu Apr 05 2001 - 23:33:21 EDT

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    Wednesday, April 04, 2001

    Initiate change, vote Hayden for City Council


    ELECTIONS: Make difference with support for progressive leader in booth on
    April 10

    By Jennifer Colamonico

    If you do nothing else productive this quarter - and after all, it is
    spring quarter -
    be sure to vote for Tom Hayden for Los Angeles City Council on April 10.

    Did you even know there was an election next week? You might have seen some
    ads on TV, and you might have even gotten some campaign mail. But by and
    large you probably haven't really been paying attention. After all, who
    really cares about L.A.?
    You should.
    As students, we often forget that we live in a community made up of
    neighborhoods and families, in which urban crises can affect the lives of
    people all around us.
    We are often so caught up in our campus life that we don't feel a part of
    Los Angeles as a city. Many of us are not even registered to vote here
    because we still think "home"is where we came from, where we grew up.
    But as residents of Los Angeles even temporary ones we have a lot at stake
    in who controls this city.
    Over the past eight years we have seen a city dominated by corporate
    developer interests, a city that cannot manage its own bureaucracies. What
    does that mean? It means that we are losing affordable housing and that
    police are often unaccountable for their unjust actions.
    Are you frustrated by the lack of public transportation? The city makes
    appointments to the Metropolitan Transit Authority, which controls the buses.
    Are you frustrated that Westwood Village does not meet the real needs of
    students, like not having a bookstore or a large grocery store? The city
    planning agencies could exert leadership to bring the right kind of
    businesses to the campus community.
    You can make a difference. If you vote on April 10.
    Are you frustrated that so many Los Angeles youths are caught up in gangs
    and violence and do not have opportunities for higher education? The city
    could play a proactive role in bringing UCLA volunteers into the classrooms
    to impact young lives.
    Are you frustrated that you sit in classrooms and learn about things that
    often have little to do with the reality that you read about in the papers?
    Hayden has thought about these things, and he has done something about
    them. For more than 40 years he has been an activist for social justice,
    civil rights, peace and opportunity. He was a state legislator for 18 years
    doing real things for real people in Los Angeles. He is a world-famous
    author, speaker and "do-er," a committed public servant who really does
    make the world a better place for the average person.
    How much luckier could we be than to have Hayden running for Los Angeles
    City Council?
    Hayden continues to be a tireless watchdog for the environment, working to
    restore parks and protect rivers and open space. He has been endorsed by
    the Sierra Club, the League of Conservation Voters and by environmentalists
    all over the district.
    Hayden is a feminist, 100 percent pro-choice and a champion of equal rights
    for women, gays and lesbians. He has been endorsed by the Los Angeles
    National Organization for Women, Women For, Stonewall Democratic Club and
    many others.
    Hayden has always been a defender of civil rights, marching in the South
    with the Freedom Riders and enduring beatings and jail for his commitments
    to justice.
    As former chair of the Senate Committee on Higher Education, Hayden worked
    to protect affirmative action, to promote ethnic and gender studies
    throughout the UC system and to make higher education more affordable and
    accessible to all California residents.
    Hayden has brought millions of dollars for UCLA public service programs in
    the community, and throughout his legislative career he used the resources
    of UCLA to inform his policy advocacy. He will work to further integrate
    the campus with the rest of L.A., serving as a bridge and a catalyst for
    even better partnerships.
    Hayden is the best representative students could hope for to leverage our
    voices to make a better Los Angeles. He will work with us on a wide range
    of issues, from affordable housing to globalization working to solve both
    little problems and big ones.
    But it all comes down to your vote. Hayden has done more to earn the
    respect and support of students like you than just about anyone running for
    any office in this city except maybe Antonio Villaraigosa for mayor, but
    that deserves a submission of its own.
    So vote on April 10 and add your voice to those who demand more from their
    government. Vote on April 10 to elect a true progressive activist to the
    city council. Or just vote on April 10 to get the cool sticker. Whatever,
    just vote.

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