[sixties-l] Rights Issues and (Horowitz ad)

From: drieux just drieux (drieux@wetware.com)
Date: Mon Mar 12 2001 - 12:41:42 EST

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    > on 03/09/2001 18:39, Sorrento95@aol.com at Sorrento95@aol.com wrote:
    > Horowitz, on the other hand, is an individual,
    > and has rights, even though leftists don't like
    > him. Since college newspapers enjoy support
    > from taxpayers' money, he has as much right
    > to run an ad there as anyone else, and those
    > who confiscate and burn newspapers which publish
    > opinions they disagree with are no better than
    > Nazis, even if they do call themselves "progressives."
    > ~ Michael Wright
    > Norman, Oklahoma

    I have a working draft of why in the main I think the underlying
    premise that only 'persons have rights' is flawed up at:


    I also find it amusing how Horowitz has shifted from a
    leftist puppet of his kommunist paymasters to a right
    wing extremists - has he really changed, or has our
    perceptions about how to bifurcate the space meandered
    as he crawled further into the 'over thirty' crowd?

    How far we clearly have not come since 'the sixties' with
    resolving either who has rights, what they are, and how best
    to deal with conflicts of opinions.


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