Re: [sixties-l] Ad Nauseam - (Horowitz ad)

Date: Fri Mar 09 2001 - 21:39:01 EST

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    The CIA is a government agency. The Bill
    of Rights was not written to protect the
    government. It was written to enumerate
    rights for the people. As I understand our
    constitutional philosophy, governments have
    powers, but not rights. Only individuals
    have rights. For this reason, an argument
    about abrogating the CIA's "rights" by not
    allowing it to run an ad makes no sense.
    For this reason, the slogan of "states' rights"
    is also nonsensical.

    Horowitz, on the other hand, is an individual,
    and has rights, even though leftists don't like
    him. Since college newspapers enjoy support
    from taxpayers' money, he has as much right
    to run an ad there as anyone else, and those
    who confiscate and burn newspapers which publish
    opinions they disagree with are no better than
    Nazis, even if they do call themselves "progressives."

     ~ Michael Wright
       Norman, Oklahoma

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