Re: [sixties-l] Lest you forget: Women led Black Panthers, too

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Date: Mon Feb 05 2001 - 16:30:25 EST

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    Interesting that there's no mention of Elaine Brown --perhaps reflecting the Panthers'
    Ted M.

    radman wrote:

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    > by Bob Jackson, News Staff Writer
    > Friday, February 2, 2001
    > History might not remember that women wielded great power in the
    > Black Panther Party, but Kathleen Cleaver does.
    > "One thing needs to be set straight," Cleaver said Thursday. "Women
    > did hold high positions in the party. The hierarchy of the Panther
    > party had more women than the hierarchy of any state legislature or
    > police department or any other civil-rights organization."
    > Cleaver, who was recently in Denver to film introductions to a series
    > of movies on Black Panther history, was the highest-ranking woman in
    > the Panthers. She was the group's communications secretary from 1967 to
    > 1971.
    > A lawyer, writer, historian and scholar, Cleaver was once married to
    > Eldridge Cleaver, minister of information for the Black Panthers.
    > She is now a law professor at Emory and Cardozo law schools and
    > serves on the faculty of Sarah Lawrence College and the Yale University
    > graduate school.
    > Cleaver is also writing a book, "Memories of Love and War," about her
    > 30-year involvement in the struggle to end colonialism and racism.
    > "I've had five different fellowships that took care of my expenses
    > and gave me the free time to work on the book I'm trying to finish,"
    > she said from her home in Connecticut.
    > Cleaver filmed her intros at the Gemini Tea Emporium, 2860 Welton St.
    > The series of movies by Starz Encore channel and BET Movies are called
    > "Heritage: The Panther Perspective." They will air each Friday during
    > February, which is Black History Month, on AT&T Digital Channel 535.
    > Other air dates are Feb. 13 at 7:40 pm; Feb. 19 at 7:50 pm; Feb 23 at
    > 6 pm; and Feb. 27 at 9:30 pm.
    > "The Heritage series will regularly showcase movies and documentaries
    > that take a historic look at the contributions and experience of
    > African-Americans," said Chelsye Burrows, director of multicultural
    > communications for Encore Media Group.
    > "It's crucial that people, in particular our youth, develop a sense
    > of history, a history of how blacks have resisted oppression," Cleaver
    > said.
    > It's also important to understand that the goals of the Black
    > Panthers have yet to be met, she said.
    > "The community is suffering," Cleaver said. "There is still violence
    > and terrible housing. There's still oppression and bad health."

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