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Date: Tue Jan 23 2001 - 23:35:29 EST

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    I agree with Don that the phony names in Laffins book spoiled the book for me
    and made it very complicated. I lived in the Putney Red Clover commune, with
    mainly Newsreel people, not SDS folks, although newsreel sometimes thought of
    our selves as part of the media wing of SDS. We were very political and
    started a movement called Free Vermont. We made a film called Free Vermont.
    It is about 20 minutes and is about an event that happened on the land. I
    know of no SNCC folks in Vermont Communes. Later some of us moved north to
    the Burlington area and lived in a commune called Green Mountain Red. Did
    lots of political work. I have a large collections of the newspapers,
    photos, position papers, posters, leaflets, etc from that period.
     Don is your book available from book stores? Do you know the ISBEN #?
    I can't remember what the question was about Vermont communes. roz

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