[sixties-l] disenfranchisement

From: PNFPNF@aol.com
Date: 01/08/01

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    Not only black voters were doubly-disenfranchised in Florida.  Rather many 
    Jewish voters were too.  And of course this election, as every election, 
    working single moms, minimum-wage workers with long hours, disabled persons, 
    etc., were doubly disenfranchised.  A theft we should be out there protesting 
    at the inauguration of the chainey bush in DC, as Bill points out, but also 
    of course here in our very own towns.
         But maybe there's a weird sort of hope.  I just saw, this evening on ABC 
    or NBC (I forget which channel), an extremely violent, film in which (I just 
    saw the last parts) a terrorist (with long braid) and his First Nations 
    girlfriend blow up an oil refinery (or somesuch), which has a bad-guy boss 
    who, in between contacts with the FBI, keeps telling his workers to stay (to 
    get killed), etc. etc.; in the last scene the victorious terrorist tells an 
    assemblage of native Alaskans that oil and auto magnates are killing us with 
    the outmoded internal combustion engine, and that big firms are destroying 
    the environment and stealing our right to change things and 
    buying/manipulating our minds, and we have to stop this...and so on; with a 
    nice eagle and glaciers and mountains at the end.  This was on the major 
    broadcast media.   --No, the analysis was limited and bad guys-good guys, and 
    the violence exploitative, but...hey, it was amazing, and as I said hopeful, 
    in a weird way, that it was there.  Speaking (more dramatically than Nader) 
    to/for the greens.

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