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From: William M. Mandel (
Date: 11/30/00

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    Yesterday Pacifica's "Democracy Now" interviewed an anti-fascist Miamian Cuban
    broadcaster, who said that anti-Castro Cubans have a phone and web tree that
    brings their people to demonstrations against what they oppose from all over
    Florida. The Bush camp welcomed them. I'm not at all sure that anything like this
    exists in any other state.
    Mandel wrote:
    > LIke Don, I was frightened by the spectacle of the Republican "rioters" at
    > the vote-counting; like Marty, I recognized "whoopsie isn't that how we, and
    > many of our actions, must have seemed to many in mid-America." But the latter
    > recognition hasn't stopped the fear, frankly, and so I think maybe it's not
    > just the actions we react to but also their goal; and a goal of interfering
    > with ballot counting is--however corrupt and basically "fixed" the
    > sociopolitical system and its "elections"--indeed scary.  There is something
    > about this year's Republican candidates--and about the more right-drifting
    > (large/huge) bloc of the media/entertainment/politics industry in the country
    > generally--that one can imagine marching into a "riots"-followed-by-military
    > etc. putsch to win election.
    >    Paula

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