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Date: 11/29/00

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    I've got a copy of the Best of Abbie Hoffman. Give me the quote off-line and
    I'll try and locate it for you.
    When I was researching my bio of Abbie, I made it a point to check whatever
    library I was in to see if any of his books were there. They were often in the
    card catalogue but rarely on the shelves. I asked the head librarian at the
    Brooklyn Public Library about the missing books and he laughed and said readers
    took Abbie's title literally. They had to stop ordering them.
    At 07:44 PM 11/28/2000 -0500, you wrote:
    >Re Abbie's book being missing at the Columbia Library: that's what happens
    >when you write, "Steal this Book."
    Jesse Lemisch
    >----- Original Message -----
    >> I was wondering if someone out there had a copy of THE BEST OF ABBIE
    >> HOFFMAN, and could look up a quote for me that I need for
    >> a paper I'm writing?  (I have a pretty good idea where it is, so it
    >> wouldn't take long to find.)
    >> Thanks,
    >> John McMillian
    >> p.s. our library carries this book and it's not checked out, but it's
    >> curiously "missing" from the shelves!
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