[sixties-l] Fwd: social movements conference, April 2001

From: radman (resist@best.com)
Date: 11/27/00

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    >Date:         Mon, 27 Nov 2000
    >From: BARKER C MR <C.Barker@MMU.AC.UK>
    >Subject:      social movements conference, April 2001
    >Between 1995 and 2000 Manchester Metropolitan University hosted six
    >very successful international conferences on 'ALTERNATIVE FUTURES and
    >POPULAR PROTEST'. A seventh conference will be held from  17 - 19
    >April 2001.
    >The Conference aim is to explore the dynamics of popular movements,
    >along with the ideas which animate their leaders and supporters and
    >which contribute to shaping their fate.
    >We invite offers of papers from sociologists, political scientists,
    >historians and others, addressing the conference themes and their
    >theorization. Papers should address such matters as:  * contemporary
    >and historical social movements and popular protests * social movement
    >theory * utopias and experiments * ideologies of collective action *
    >To offer a paper, please contact either of the conference convenors
    >with a brief abstract:
    >EITHER Colin Barker, Dept. of Sociology
    >OR Mike Tyldesley, Dept. of Politics and Philosophy
    >Manchester Metropolitan University
    >Geoffrey Manton Building, Rosamond Street West
    >Manchester M15 6LL, England
    >Tel: C. Barker 0161 247 3439
    >email: c.barker@mmu.ac.uk
    >Tel: M. Tyldesley  0161 247 3460
    >email: m.tyldesley@mmu.ac.uk
    >Fax: 0161 247 6321 (+44 161 247 6321)
    >(Wherever possible, please use email.)
    >Those giving papers are asked to supply them in advance, for inclusion
    >in the bound volumes of papers which will be available from the
    >conference opening.
    >* Two single-spaced copies should be provided, on A4 or US Letter
    >paper, with one inch margins, and with a copy of the text on a DOS
    >disk in either MS Word format (if in doubt, please contact one of the
    >convenors in advance). * Word limit 7,000 words (including notes etc.)
    >* Final date for receipt of abstracts: 12 March 2001 * Final date for
    >receipt of papers: 26 March 2001 * Participants who do not supply
    >their papers by the final date will be asked to bring 50 copies to the
    >Conference for distribution.  Advance submission is much preferred,
    >since the bound volumes of papers will be sent to the British Library
    >but loose papers will be excluded.
    >A few copies of the 1999 and 2000 papers (two vols. in each year,
    >stlg25.00 each set, post free) may still be obtained from Colin
    >Barker. Cheques with orders, please.
    >The conference will run from lunch-time Tuesday 17th to lunch-time
    >Thursday 19th April 2001.
    >Cost, inclusive of three lunches, teas/coffees and copies of the bound
    >Proceedings, will be stlg100 (students stlg60).
    >Bed and Breakfast accommodation will be available at nearby UMIST,
    >either in student bedrooms at stlg30 per night or in ensuite rooms at
    >stlg50 per night.
    >Conference participants will be invited to dine together at two local
    >(and not too expensive) restaurants on the two conference evenings.
    >Payment for dinners should not be made in advance, but directly to the
    >restaurants on the night.
    >Booking Form
    >Name __________________________________
    >Address _________________________________
    >                    ___________________________________
    >__________________ postcode_________
    >Tel No. _____________________________
    >Fax No. _____________________________
    >Email   _____________________________
    >Conference fee                     100.00      .............
    >Student fee
    >(post- & under-grad)              60.00      .............
    >Bed and Breakfast
    >Tuesday  (standard)                30.00      .............
    >                (ensuite)                  50.00      ............
    >Wedneday  (standard)            30.00      .............
    >                     (ensuite)             50.00      .............
    >  TOTAL       stlg                       .............
    >Cheques should be made payable to "Manchester Metropolitan
    >Credit Card payment (Visa and Mastercard only)
    >Card Number  .........   .........  .........  .........
    >Expiry Date         ...... / ......
    >Please let us know of any dietary or other requirements.
    >Please return the Booking Form to Colin Barker (address above)

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