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Date: 11/11/00

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    Date: Sat, 11 Nov 2000 09:17:07 -0800
    From: Vietnam Veterans Against the War Anti-Imperialist <vvawai@oz.net>
    Subject: Veterans Days 2000 - To hell with your national honor!
    Veterans Day 2000
    To hell with your national honor, we won't be used again!
    As veterans of the U.S. military,  we know that there is no honor in 
    the kinds of actions the U.S. has carried out against people around 
    the world. How can we be proud of this country and its military when 
    hundreds of people in Iraq, mostly infants and children, are dying 
    daily because of the ongoing sanctions? How can we be proud of this 
    country and its military when thousands of innocent civilians where 
    killed by the bombings of civilian facilities during the Gulf war? 
    How can we be proud of this country and its military for the deaths 
    of thousands at the hands of SOA graduates?
    We can't and we won't!
    Our experiences have taught us that real honor and pride comes from 
    standing with the people of the world against the injustices and 
    aggression brought by countries like the U.S. On this veterans day, 
    we urge  all veterans to join with us in the call to end the 
    sanctions against the people of Iraq. Join us in taking a stand that 
    brings real honor and pride.
    Below is the statement and the list of veterans who have signed it. 
    We are also looking for people willing to translate this into other 
    languages to broaden its reach to veterans, and people, of other 
    countries. Our contact information is at the bottom.
      A Call From Veterans --
    End the U.S./UN Sanctions -- Stop the U.S. War Against the People of Iraq!
      As veterans of U.S. military interventions, wars and occupations, we 
    have something to say about war. What we have learned, we  have 
    learned the hard way, as instruments of war. Our shared experiences 
    cause us to hold strong opinions about war - from  avowed pacifism, 
    to "only for self-defense," to nationalism, even to the need for 
    revolutionary change. It also unites us under the  common pledge of 
    "Never Again!"
       Like most of the people in this country, we started out believing 
    in what our government said and did. We believed that we were 
    fighting for "freedom" and "democracy" and that the Saddam Husseins 
    of the world were the only bad guys. But for us, these  illusions 
    were shattered by the murder of innocent people by our hands--people 
    who happened to be in the way of the economic or  political interests 
    of the U.S.
      We found out first hand that it is not the Saddam Husseins of the 
    world that pose the biggest threat to the people of the world, it is 
    the U.S. as it "levels the playing field" and protects it own 
    interests. With aggressions like the war against Vietnam, the support 
    for  the contras in Nicaragua, the invasions of Grenada and Panama, 
    the U.S. has clearly demonstrated the lengths it will go to in 
    maintaining control of what it calls "the American Century." (Since 
    the end of World War 2, the U.S. has carried out over 200 overt 
    military and 6000 covert interventions.) As a result of these U.S. 
    actions millions around the world have died. Countries, families, 
    and cultures have all but been obliterated. Currently, the U.S. 
    imposed sanctions on the people of Iraq are killing 5000 children a 
      When asked on "60 Minutes" in May of 1996 about the deaths of half a 
    million children, more than died in Hiroshima, Secretary  of State 
    Madeleine Albright responded, "We think the price is worth it." Worth 
    what? Mouthing weak condemnations about  "weapons of mass 
    destruction," the U.S. subverted the UN inspection teams to spy on 
    President Hussein and plot their military  attacks. The U.S. says 
    that Saddam Hussein should be punished for crimes against his own 
    people and the Kurds. But let's not  forget that the major genocide 
    against the Kurds in Iraq was commited during the period of friendly 
    relations with the U.S. at the  conclusion of the Iran-Iraq War. As 
    soon as Hussein had plans of his own for the region, then to the U.S. 
    he became evil incarnate  and had to be stopped at all costs, even if 
    those costs included the deaths of innocent children.
      Albright's response is acceptable to the people of this country 
    because we have been lied to and deceived for so long we are blinded 
    to the realities of the true consequences of the actions of our 
    country. It also allows the government to threaten and attack people 
    of  conscience who are trying to oppose these actions and wake the 
    citizens of this country up to reality. Voices in the Wilderness has 
    been threatened with tens of thousands of dollars in fines and long 
    prison sentences for taking medicine and toys to Iraq. Under  this 
    administration, compassion for dying children is apparently a 
    criminal activity. We owe these courageous activists our support. 
    As Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn, Edward Herman, and Edward Said recently 
    stated, in their national statement, "The time has  come for a call 
    to action to people of conscience. We are past the point where 
    silence is passive consent--when a crime reaches  these proportions, 
    silence is complicity."
      We will work with others to strategize, organize and take whatever 
    actions necessary toward this end:
    We denounce sanctions against the people of Iraq as immoral and illegitimate.
    We call for an immediate end to the ongoing sanctions war against the 
    people of Iraq.
    We vow our support for all those threatened or prosecuted for 
    violating the sanctions and opposing intervention.
    We will oppose all US interventions, overt or covert, in the 
    sovereign affairs of other nations.
    Veteran Signatories -- Current as of 11/02/00.
    Please let us know if any of the information is incorrect. Thank you.
      * = organizational affiliation for identification purposes only
       - A -
       A. Mzilikazi Al-Qadri AY8364-Vietnam, 3rd Rangers 1967-71, VVAW AI, 
    Vietnam Vets Legal Eagles
       David A. Anderson --USAF 1976, Committees of Correspondence
       Michael Armstry --USAF 1971-80
       Mitchell A Ansell --U.S. Army 9/54 -8/56 (active)
       Charles L. Atkins --Korean War Artillery Off., Purple Heart, Silver 
    Star, Veterans For Peace
       - B -
       Charles R. Bauerlein --U.S. Navy WWII, Veterans for Peace
       Ellen E. Barfield --U.S. Army 1977-81, Veterans for Peace & Voices 
    in the Wilderness
       Thomas Baxter --U.S. Army 1967-69, Veterans for Peace
       Philip Berrigan --13th Inf. 8th Inf Division, Jonah House
       William J. Bires --Korean War Veteran 1952
       Bill Bischel --Non-Vet Tacoma Catholic Worker and B.O.P.
       David Blalock --Vietnam Veteran, U.S. Army 1967-71, STWB & VVAW AI
       Ray M. Boehm --25th Infantry Div.-Intelligence, Vietnam 1968-69, My 
    Lai Peace Park Project
       George G. Boone --U.S. Air Force, McDill Vigil Group
       Bob Bossie, SCJ --USAF 1955-59, 8th Day Center for Justice/Priests 
    of the Sacred Heart
       Roy Bourgeois --U.S. Navy 1963-67, Vietnam, founder and co-director 
    of SOA Watch
       Thompson Bradley --U.S. Army, Veterans For Peace
       Robert T. Brown --U.S. Navy WWII, DAV
       Richard M. Burkhart --Vietnam Vet 9th Army, NWVFP
       Hosea Butler --U.S. Army 1950-52, 1960-72
       - C -
       Scotty Cade --facilitator of VVAW AI Hawaii Chapter
       Patrick Carkin --U.S. Army Intelligence Analyst 1989-1990, 
    info@proactivist.com, ProActivist.com & Maine--VFP
       Lawrence Carver --U.S. Army Air Force 1942-45, Vets For Peace
       Fredy Champagne --U.S. Army Vietnam '65-'66, A Co/2nd Br/2nd 
    Rgt/1st Inf Div.,--Vets for Peace, Chapter 022, Garberville, CA
       Thomas Chisholm, M.D. --Col. M.C. U.S. Army (Ret.), Veterans For 
    Peace, Chapter 27
       Frank Corcoran --U.S. Marines, Vietnam combat veteran, Veterans For 
    Peace, Project Hearts and Minds
       James Creaven --U.S. Army 1969-71, Vietnam, Veterans For Peace
       Ed Crimmins --U.S. Navy
       Thad Crouch --U.S. Army 1987-89, Veterans For Peace
       Gerald Curtis --U.S. Army 1953-55, U.S. Air Force 1955-74, Vietnam 
    1968-69, 1971-72, American Friends--Service Committee
       - D -
       Sean Daly --Vietnam 1968-70
       Marv Davidov --U.S. Army 1953-55, M.I.S.T
       Norman L. Davis --A2/c, 17 Bomb Wing (L) Korea, 803rd Squadron 
    Tucson DMAFB, Hazmat Review
       Mike Dedrick --Washington Veterans for Peace
       Dick Dettrey --"Rear" Echelon Mother Fucker (REMF), Vietnam Veteran 1965-66
       Peter R. DeVear --U.S. Navy, Quaker
       Carl Dix --U.S. Army - Ft. Lewis 6 (WA) 1970; Leavenworth Military 
    Penitentiary 1970-72;--Revolutionary Communist Party, USA* 
       Patrick L. Downey --U.S. Air Force 1952-56, Veterans For Peace Chapter 27
       Douglas Drew --Veterans For Peace
       Tom F. Driver --A.U.S. 1943-46, Veterans For Peace, Presbyterian 
    Peace Fellowship, Witness For Peace
       - E -
       Peter Edmunds --U.S. Navy 1961-63, Veterans For Peace
       Lawrence Egbert --U.S. Army 1946-47, U.S. Navy 1954-61, Physicians 
    for Social Responsibility, Veterans For--Peace
       Gary Erb --Sergeant, E-4, USAF 1972-76
       Bruce A. Erickson --USMC 1971-75, Veterans for Peace
       - F -
       Doyle C. Fine II --U.S. Navy/Shellback
       Hayden Fisher --VVAW AI-LA, U.S. Navy 1968-72, Rank YN3, Vietnam 
    June 1970-April 1971
       Fernand Fernando --Vietnam Era Veteran
       - G -
       John F. Galliher --USAF 1955-58
       Randell L. Gamble --U.S. Navy Ret.
       Louis Godena --U.S. Air Force 1969-72, Communist Party USA
       Edward William Goosmann --HM3 - USNR-R (8404), Fleet Hospital 500, 
    4th F.S.S.G., 4th ANLICO, Fox Company 2/25--Marines, 4th MARDIV, 
    Veterans For Peace, F.O.R., CISPES, CASA
       John W. Grant --U.S. Army 1965-69, Veterans For Peace
       Robert Gregory --1989 Ft. Lewis, Washington "Soldier of the Year," 
    Panama Invasion Veteran
       Peter Gunn --Editor of FighT bAck--The Revolutionary Voice of GIs in Europe
       - H -
       Jackson T. Hammer --Yankee Station Vietnam Veteran 1971-75
       John W. Harmon --U.S. Army Reserve 1982-86 (Armour Division), 
    Veterans For Peace
       David Harris --USAF 1965-67, Witness For Peace
       Edwin Hart --USMC WWII, Veterans For Peace
       Robert Heberle --Veterans For Peace
       Wally Hedrick --HQ CO, 223 Rgt. 40th Inf Div., 1950-52 Korea
       Thomas J. Hooley --U.S. Navy (Lt) 1950-58, Veterans For Peace MN
       - J -
       Eli Jaffe --U.S. Army WWII, Pres. Eleanor Roosevelt Chapter, 
    Veterans For Peace
       David Johnson --U.S. Marines
       George Johnson --U.S. Navy 1962-66, Vietnam 1965, Veterans For Peace
       Howard Johnson --U.S. Army 1958, 1961-62, Sp-5E-5ha22d Log Command 
    Signal Section, NLG, Veterans For--Peace
       Joseph W. Johnson --U.S. Navy 1965-68, Vets For Peace Chapter 27
       - K -
       Philip Kahal --U.S. Navy (Ret.), Pastors For Peace
       James M. Kearney --U.S. Army 1962-65, WA Vets for Peace
       Raymond Kell --U.S. Army 1945-46, Veterans For Peace, Chapter 74 Detroit
       Sanford Kelson --U.S. Army 1963-66, Sgt E-5, Veterans For Peace
       Jim Keyser --U.S.M.C., Vietnam 1966-67, 1st Bn. 12th Marines, KMUD Radio
       Theodore A. Kieser --Army Veteran 1967-68 CuChi, NWVFP
       Henry Knecht --U.S. Army/AirCorps WWII, 1943-46
       Theresa P. Koenig (Jarvinen) --U.S. Army Nurse Corps WWII, Veterans 
    For Peace #27, #80 & National
       Robert L. Koenig --U.S. Navy WWII, Veterans For Peace #80 & #27 M.N.
       Marty Kunz --U.S. Navy 1970-76, VVAW AI
       Yvonne Kunz --U.S. Army 1997-2000
       - L -
       Raymond Laport --U.S. Army - WWII, Veterans For Peace
       David Lawler --U.S. Army, E4 MACU TM 28 Tuy Hoa, Vietnam, Veterans 
    For Peace, Minneapolis
       William W. Leonard --U.S. Navy 1952-56, Maine Veterans for Peace
       Fred Louis --U.S. Army, Vietnam 1967-69, Veterans For Peace
       - M -
       Linda J. McClenahan, OP --U.S. Army - WAC, Natl Conf of Vietnam 
    Veteran Ministers, NamVetNun@juno.com
       O'Kelly McCluskey --WWII USN, Korea USAF
       Thomas S. McMahon --U.S. Army 1962-74
       Jason R. Miller --Conscientious Objector, Conscience Canada
       Donald E. Mills --U.S. Army, Vietnam Veteran
       John H. Moffett --WWII - Korea - U.S. Army Reserve 1955-67, 
    Veterans For Peace
       David R. Morgan --A/C1 Royal Air Force, Veterans Against Nuclear Arms
       Terry Moses --Vietnam 1966-67, VVAW AI Cincinatti Outpost
       - N -
       R. D. Nashold --Korea 1953, 5th Reg. Combat Team
       Lewis R. Nelson --U.S. Army 1Lt., 1967-68 Veterans For Peace, F.O.R.
       William (Bill) Ney --U.S. Army 1954-56, Indianapolis Peace & Justice Center
       Harold R. Nielsen --WWII Merchant Marine, Veterans For Peace
       Stan Nishimura --U.S. Army 1964-67 Germany, VVAW AI New Haven, CT
       - P -
       Manuel D. Parsons --Spec 4, Combat Engineer, 577 Construction Bat., 
    1967-68, Tue Hua Central Highlands
       Jeff Paterson --1st Gulf War GI Resister, U.S. Marines, VVAW AI
       Arnold O.D. Peterson, Ph.D. --1943-46, Veterans For Peace - WFA
       Marshall Peterson --W.W.II veteran
       Utah Phillips --U.S. Army - Korean War, I.W.W. - A.F.L. - C.A.W.
       Edward L. Potts --U.S. Navy 1951-57
       Edward Powell --USMCR, Pastors For Peace*
       Wilson Powell --AFC, USAF 1950-54, Veterans For Peace
       - R -
       Ronald Reichel --1927-52 USMC 1960-63
       Patrick E. Reisinger --U.S. Army, Spec 5, Vietnam, Veterans For Peace
       Susan Rettig --USAF 1976-80, Veterans For Peace
       Barry Riesch --U.S. Army, Vietnam 1969-70, 199th Lt. Infantry, 82nd 
    Airborne, VFP
       Virginia Robbins --Vietnam-era veteran, 1971-76, SOA Watch, Global 
    Exchange, International Action Center, Peta
       Randy Roland --U.S. Army 1967-70, Presidio 27
       John F. Rossback --U.S. Army 1971-73
       Hank Roth --a/k/a TheGolem Listmaster: PNEWS-L
       Michael Russell --Veterans For Peace, Lake City, FL
       Richard Jerry Russell --USMC, Veterans For Peace
       - S -
       Steven E. Saelzler --U.S. Army Inf. 4th Division, Vietnam 1969-70, 
    Veterans For Peace
       Bruce Sanderson --WWII, Army - N. Africa, Sicily, Okinawa 1940-46, 
    Combat Engrs, Signal Corps, Veterans for--Peace, N. Mich Chapter #50
       Ruth C. Sanderson --WWII, Hospital Dietitian, U.S. Army Medical 
    Unit, Little Traverse League for Peace &--Freedom (WILPF Branch #100)
       T. Peter Schoonmaker Jr. --U.S. Navy 1977-84, USS DD Eisenhour - 
    Iran '80, Lebanon '83-'84, VVAW AI
       Peter B. Shaw --Korean War Veteran, USMC 1951-54, Veterans For 
    Peace Chapter 47*
       Paul Sheehan --Panama veteran, 1988-92, USAF, GI resistor, VVAW AI
       George Silver --Vietnam, 75th Rangers 1968-71
       Marvin Simmons --Portland,Oregon, NWVFP (Northwest Vets For Peace)
       James Skinner --Vietnam Vet - 1st Cav
       Steve M. Slaby --U.S. Army Airforce 1944-45, Professor Emeritus, 
    Princeton University
       Ronald E. Staff --USMC 1966-69, Vietnam 1968-69, Veterans For 
    Peace, Chapter 27
       James N. Steinhagen --U.S. Marines - 1st Marine Division, Veterans 
    For Peace, President National B.O.D.
       Kenneth S. St. Thomas --1965-67 (active) 66-67 Vietnam, NW Vets for Peace
       Darnell S. Summers --Vietnam Veteran, U.S. Army 1966-70, STWB & VVAW AI
       - T -
       W. W. Taylor --USMC, Hue (1967-68)
       Palmer C. Temple --USAR, 1967-72
       Alice J. Thompson --U.S. Navy - WWII, Veterans For Peace
       - V -
       Victor F. Vinkey --USAR SIG C, Vietnam, Veterans For Peace
       - W -
       Michael R. Walli --U.S. Army 1967-71, Campaign to Eradicate Nazism
       Bill Warrick --Gainesville VFP
       Kenneth A. Weeks --USMC 1960-64, Veterans For Peace, Inc.
       Arnie Welber --U.S. Army 1969-70, Veterans For Peace Chapter 032*
       Sonny Williams --Vietnam 1967-68, Germany 1969-70, VVAW AI Cincinnati
       John P. Wirtz --U.S. Army 1943-46, Veterans For Peace, Pax Christi, Maine
       Wayne Wittman --U.S. Navy 1948-51, Veterans For Peace
       Paul Wright --U.S. Army 1983-87, Prison Legal News*
       - Z -
       Doug Zachary --USMC 1968-70, ExDir Austin Peace & Justice Coalition*
       Howard Zinn --8th Air Force, Bombardier, WWII
       Greg Zolad --U.S. Army 1967-69, Veterans For Peace
    Vietnam Veterans Against the War Anti-Imperialist
    PO Box 21604
    Seattle, WA 98111-3604
    ph/fax: 206.374.2215

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