Re: [sixties-l] stop the theft of the election

From: Ted Morgan (
Date: 11/10/00

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    Regarding the peerless founders, yes, the did know what they were doing.
    They were creating a political system that would maximize stability along
    with the ability of elites to govern in the best interests of 'life, liberty,
    and property' --particularly their lives, liberties, and property.  The
    electoral college was just one of many institutional creations designed to
    minimize "public input" into government (read: democracy).  Madison famously
    writes of intemperate "factions" in Federalist 10.  Somewhat like Walter
    Lippmann's view of the "bewildered herd" that should have its political
    opinions carefully managed through the public relations industry and other
    elite-dominated entities (like the media).
    Ted Morgan
    Mark Bunster wrote:
    > I love Michael Moore, but he's wrong on this one. To equate the reasoned
    > deliberations of the founders with the yahoos who passed crazy civil
    > regulation laws, does the former a grave disservice. They knew what they
    > were doing....

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