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From: Ted Morgan (epm2@lehigh.edu)
Date: 11/09/00

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    I was stunned by Barbara's note about John Andrew, since it came completely
    out of the blue.  I haven't known John well at all, but we co-chaired a panel
    on "teaching the 60s" at one of the Vietnam Generation conferences so I got to
    know him some in that context.  It was a complete pleasure working with him on
    the panel, watching his interaction with participants, and since then reading
    his posts on this list.  I have been struck by John's genuine intellectual
    interest in carefully sorting through the vast array of 60s fragments to find
    significant strains, to stay clear (and not overly emotional) about the task
    of understanding history (what happened then and since), etc.  And by John's
    sweet, 'gentlemanly'  nature.  I'm sure many many students have been touched
    by their experiences with this good teacher.
    Yes, we will miss John.
    Ted Morgan
    Barbara L Tischler wrote:
    > Dear List Members,
    >        Last night, John Andrew, an occasional contributor to this list,
    > insightful and original scholar, great teacher, and good friend, died. I
    > don't have any additional details, having just gotten the news from my son
    > who got a broadcast e-mail to the Franklin and Marshall College community.
    > There will be a memorial, but again, details are not yet in place. We will
    > miss John.
    > Barbara L. Tischler
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