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From: RozNews@aol.com
Date: 11/05/00

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    No one seemed to notice that accidently  i cut and pasted my catalog of 
    Newsreel films onto the end of my piece on feminist close to Yippies instead 
    of the Hex from 
    Here is the hex that Sharon Krebs, Nancy Kurshan, Robin Morgan, and I wrote 
    and performed inside a circle drawn with  oregino (should have been 
    marijuana) infront of Gem Spa and later in Washington at the HUAC  hearings.  
                roz payne
                        W.      I.      T.      C.      H.
    All:            In the Holy and Most Powerful Name of WITCH,
                    Women's International Terrorist Conspiracy from Hell.
                    we Sister Witches from the one true Underground
                    announce our Presence and commence our spell.
    SHARON:     In the Sacred Name of all our Sister Witches,
                    the original guerrillas and resistance fighters throught the 
                    we cast our vengeful Magic on Hu-Wacky judges
                    who dare conduct a witch hunt without real witches. 
                    They have created Subpoenas Envy.
    ROZ:            Standing in this Liberated Circle,
                    we throw off our cover of invisibility.
                    We proclaim all those males subpoenaed are pawns in our game, 
                    for Yippie, SDS, and Mobilization all are fronts for WITCH.
    ROBIN:          We are the ancient Earth-Mother behind it all:
                    peace groups, the international student conspiracy,
                    the Revolution--all are our children.  
                    We concocted Chicago from one bat for Peace,
                    numerous Democratic toads,
                    and a pressured-cooked American flag.
    NANCY:          We who have an ancient stake in freedom
                    (Burn Baby Burn)
                    are responsible for the Secret Marijuana Ritual,
                    which now has subverted people all over America
                    into Flying.
    Sharon:     Lurleen Wallace, ex-witch who let herself be used by racist 
    ALL:            We snuffed.
    ROZ:            Congressman Poole, who dared smoke Salem cigarettes,
    ALL:            We snuffed.
    ROBIN:          The head of this committee, who just lost his primary 
    ALL:            We snuffed
    Nancy:          And, Lyndon Johnson could not run again after our Leader,
                    First Witch Ladybird, cast her spell in his large ear.
    SHARON:     Women are the oldest oppressed people on earth,
                    but this, at last, is the Season of the Witch.
                    Satan himself sits on this connittee, and we demand
                    the right to report to him, and kiss his ass
                    as all America does.
    ALL:            O Astarte!   O Hecate!   O Isis!    O Bonnie Parker!
                    Our spirtits inside the committee-room
                    don't need these bodies to put a hex 
                    on both their houses of Congress.
    ROZ:            Dead men sit on this committee.
    ROBIN:          We have not finished.
    NANCY:          We have just begun.
    ALL:            We are the Power!
                                W.      I.      T.      C.      H.
    marty wrote
    >With regard to feminism, some of the first feminist activists in NYC (Robin
    >Morgan in particular) were close to the Yippies. But they broke with the
    >Yippies (before Chicago) cause the Yippies didn't take them seriously and
    >because they felt that feminism, and not the vaguer counter-culture Yippie
    >orientation, represented the real revolution.  But that's another thread.
    I was was one "of the first feminists activists in NYC"  (should read sixties 
       activists, as there were many before us).      Not all of us broke with 
    the Yippies.  And, not all us feminists  broke with men.  Lets not forget 
    that Robin Morgan was living with a man and so were others.     Some of us 
    loved the Yippies theater and felt that their politics complimented and added 
    to the anti war movement,  the fight against racisim, and the struggle  for 
    equal rights for  women .   Working with Newsreel I shot film of yippie  
    events.   The Yippies were fun.  I was friends with yippies.   I and a few 
    others in Newsreel  fought with  the majority of others  in Newsreel to have 
    Newsreel distribute the Yippie film.  
            Here is a true story in response to Martys statement.  
    One day after the Chicago Convention Sharon Krebs, Nancy Kurshan, Robin 
    Morgan,  and  myself (Roz Payne) had lunch and a meeting at Robin Morgans  & 
    Ken Pitchford    apartment on Third Ave, over Kiels  Store.
       The   indictments came down from the House Un American Activities 
    Committee in Washington DC inditing the Chicago 8 folks including Abbie, Tom, 
    Bobby, Dave, Lee, Jerry, Rennie, etc........
    We had all worked on organizing the demonstrations at the convention.  None 
    of us had been indicted , no women had been indicted.  The Committee decided 
    that only the men were the leaders and left us out of the event. We were 
    We sat around a table discussing  what we were going to do about it.  
    We decided to have a press conference and attend the HUAC hearings in 
    Washington dress as witches .  We would put a  hex both  on  HUAC and  on the 
    boys indicted for being responsible for the demonstrations in Chicago.
    We wrote a piece collectivly . 
    We were discussing  what  the letters in the word Witch stood for   When from 
    another room  came Kens voice saying ,  Womens International Terrorist 
    Conspiracy from Hell?  We all liked it.    
    We notified the press , held our press conference in front of the famous Gem 
    on Second Ave and St. Marks,   home of great egg creams.  We received 
    excellent press.  Including , years later a front page of NY TImes mag. for a 
    story on witches.
      We showed up   for HUAC hearings on the Chicago convention in Washington. 
    Using oregino we  drew a circle on the ground, stood inside of it  and 
    performed  our hex   on all the committe men on HUCA and on our  Chicago home 

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