[sixties-l] smiley face

From: RozNews@aol.com
Date: 11/01/00

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    months ago some one asked about the origen of the smiling face :)
    i read in the paper that Harvey Ball created a "one hit wonder"   the smiley 
    face.  He created it in l963 for a life insurance company in Worchester Mass. 
     the round yellow circle w/ two small ovals and a hooked curve has become an 
    icon in American pop culture.  
    While working at an ad agency, the articst was asked to create an in-house 
    program for the insurance co to boost morale.  .  Ball says poster, deskcards 
    and 100 buttons were distributed among employees.  Ball or the company didn't 
    protect it, the ideal spread quickly.  In l997 Ball decided to register his 
    work and build a co around it.  The World Smile Corp.  donates all after tax 
    profits to charities serving children  

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