Re: Fwd: [sixties-l] To Nader or not to Nader

From: Phil Carlson (
Date: 10/30/00

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    I appreciated the thoughtful comments of Todd Jones and his reasons for voting for Gore over
    Nader, and agree with his result even if I arrived it by a slightly different path ("all
    paths lead to . . .").  The only additional comment I offer is to spotlight the yin-yang
    shadow of this year's presidential politics:  How much has Pat Buchanan's campaign outside
    the Republican Party forced conservatives to heed his message?  Not a bit, because Bush and
    the GOP are holding all the cards.  That's about how much Nader will influence the liberal
    agenda with this run, since he is outside the two-party system.  It's a damn shame, but
    that's the game we're playing.
    - Phil Carlson

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