Re: Fwd: [sixties-l] To Nader or not to Nader

From: Bill Mandel (
Date: 10/31/00

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    Re Phil Carlson, who agrees with Todd Jones of voting for Gore by 
    saying:"that's the game we're playing."
        How about changing the game? We who were Communists in the 
    thirties were able to win welfare, unemployment insurance, social 
    security, and legalization of the right of labor to organize, although 
    we started with only ten thousand members and never rose to over ten 
    time that. There was no magic involved. There was fear that our 
    proposal to change the rules of the game fundamentally endangered 
    things as they were, under the conditions of mass despair then 
    prevailing. So significant concessions were made that continue to this 
        Nader is no ideologue (and neither am I anymore). But he has 
    proved capable of rallying a large proportion of those dissatisfied 
    with things as they are, behind a program that addresses some of the 
    fundamental issues of our day. So a vote to establish the Greens as a 
    federal-funds-entitled party is a vote to build a movement for 
    significant change. That's what counts.
    																																							Bill Mandel

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