[sixties-l] Fwd: The Case of the BPP & the RPCC of 1970

From: radman (resist@best.com)
Date: 10/24/00

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    >Date: Sat, 21 Oct 2000 22:53:27 -0500 (CDT)
    >From: "Marpessa Kupendua" <nattyreb@ix.netcom.com>
    >Subject: !*The Case of the BPP & the RPCC of 1970
    >I usually don't send out attachments but certainly will be glad
    >to forward the below paper to you in an MS Word attachment,
    >just send me a note requesting it.
    >From: kiilu <kiilu@sirius.com>
    >Sent: Monday, October 16, 2000 5:41 PM
    >Paper titled "Organization and Movement: The Case of the Black
    >Panther Party and the Revolutionary People's Constitutional Convention
    >of 1970" attached in MS Word format.
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    >From: George Katsiaficas <katsiaficas@rcn.com>
    >To: <kiilu@sirius.com>
    >Date: Tuesday, September 26, 2000 8:15 AM
    >Subject: RPCC
    >Dear Kiilu,
    >Kathleen Cleaver asked me to send you the attached paper.
    >All Power to the People!
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