Re: [sixties-l] Re: academics

From: Jesse Lemisch (
Date: 10/17/00

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    Ted Morgan wants to get his "fellow academics... out of the halls of
    academia enough to play an active political role in their communities and
    the greater polity." This repeats the ancient left myth that they couldn't
    possibly play an active poltical role by defining academia as their
    community (see e.g pro-Nader statement by academics, intellectuals, writers
    and artists at ; and note that the contemporary right
    is, to its advantage, hardly contemptuous of academic conservatism). Somehow
    we never think that workers playing an active role, say, in their plants
    aren't where it's at, should go elsewhere, etc. See my 1968 "Who Will Write
    a Left History of Art While We Are all Putting our Balls on the Line?"
    reprinted in Journal of American History, September 1989. Maybe Morgan is
    talking about post-structuralism, which is fading fast as new movements put
    us back in touch with reality, causality, truth, etc.

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