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Date: 10/10/00

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    I came a little late and was involved with People's Park.  Previously I was
    involved with RSU, Radical Student Union. I attended the planning sessions
    and the nightly meetings when we kept people in the street for, hard to
    recall, 19 days running?
    At the time, I recall reading something about Michael Lerner advertising
    him as a "leader" in the RSU and People's Park. I definitely recall how my
    friends and I found this funny at the time for we never saw him.
    That's not to say he wasn't involved, for there were many people involved
    and many affinity groups. He may have been doing something somewhere, but a
    leader? Didn't register with us...
    best, Don
    At 6:17 AM -0400 10/10/00, Jo Freeman wrote:
    >   Like Mike Rossman, I too was puzzled at Bill Mandel's claim that Michael
    > Lerner was part of the FSM leadership.  I was part of the FSM from beginning
    >to end; I have a file cabinet full of notes, documents, letters and
    >  I just finished a book on Berkeley in the early sixties, half of which is on
    > the FSM.  I've read all the books, dozens of documents, hundreds of news clip
    > pings, and thousands of pages collected by the FBI. If Lerner was even
    >  a participant, let alone in the leadership, someone should have noted it
    >  place.  Of course, Bill Mandel is barely mentioned, even in the FBI files.
    >  Perhaps he and Lerner were the undercover leaders the FBI was looking for --
    >  so undercover they went unnoticed.
    >                                        Jo Freeman
    >On Mon, 09 Oct 2000 02:24:10 -0700 William M Mandel said:
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    >>    Wasn't Lerner a member of the Steering Committee? He was certainly a
    >>of the Executive Committee, as I was, and one of the great things about
    >>the FSM
    >>was that whatever the Steering Committee had to do by way of instant
    >>decision-making, there was always an Executive Committee meeting within a day
    >>or a week at most to okay or renounce or modify and give overall
    >>direction. The
    >>Steering Committee members always attended and took part in those discussions
    >>vigorously as individuals, not as a superior caucus versus the rest.
    >>Bill Mandel
    >>Michael Rossman wrote:
    >>> >Wm Mandel writes:
    >>> >". . .  public opposition to Israeli policy among American Jews, just now
    >>> > given particular publicity by . . . Rabbi Michael Lerner, who
    >>> > long ago was a leader of the Free Speech Movement at UC Berkeley."
    >>> As I've credited the FSM as leading to many things, and would be pleased to
    >>> include this one among them, I hope Mandel will clarify his grounds for
    >>> repeating this (dubious) assertion about Lerner.
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