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From: PNFPNF@aol.com
Date: 10/09/00

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    In 1965, as  coordinator of a Berkeley citizens' group against the war, I was 
    invited to meet with a South Vietnamese student(?) (or t.a.? or--?) in one of 
    those student-religious buildings by the UC campus.  I thought then and still 
    think he was a CIA (or whichever) plant.  But there was the fact that this 
    man was sincerely worried, what would happen to his friends, his family, 
    other people, decent people, without the US presence.  He hardly changed my 
    mind; he had, however, a point.
      As the Jordanian reporter cited on this list states, maybe the Palestinian 
    boy's televised death will remind those--and they are plenty, esp. in Europe, 
    and yes plenty in Israel, who think of Palestinians as virulent 
    whatevers--that these are people.  And  Israeli Jews too are real people, 
    with their families, etc., who are indeed afraid of military attack yet are, 
    in the main, aware and concerned with the effect rightwing politics has had 
    on Arabs (and on Jews) there. 
      The point being--yes, to take a stand but to do so from empathy.  To do so 
    INFORMEDLY, too.    I wonder--and am curious whether Bill or Carroll 
    know--ARE there Israelis/Israeli groups currently working against Israeli 
    army violence? and if so, how do we learn of them?
       Shana Tova.

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