[sixties-l] Mayday

From: RozNews@aol.com
Date: 10/04/00

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    Paula wrote
    > on May 
    >1, we girls would get to wear beautiful white gossamer dresses and dance
    >around the Maypole (younger classes did miscellaneous skits, I think).
    > But 
    >then, sometime early that spring, we were told--there would be no Maypole;
    >there would be May Day in the public schools there, any more, because May
    >was (guess what) a Communist thing.
     Paula I had a similar experience growing up in Los Angeles at Burnside Elem. 
    School.    On Mayday,  we had the maypole and wove the ribbons danced around  
    and     had races (wheel barrow, running w/ eggs ) .  We were divided into 
    two teams the reds and the whites.    One year our mayday celebration was  
    also stopped  .  We still had sports, but no more reds.   It became the 
    whites and the blues.      Roz  

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