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From: radman (resist@best.com)
Date: 09/22/00

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    >It's About Time is looking for X Party members and
    >supporters, making plans for the 35th Anniversary
    >Reunion of the Black Panther Party which will be
    >held October 2001.  They had a very successful
    >30th year Reunion in Oakland, California in 1996,
    >bringing together approximately 400 ex-Party
    >members and community workers.
    >"It's About Time" would like to have the 35th year
    >Reunion on the east coast to make it more accessible
    >to people on the east coast and to continue the
    >healing process among all rank and file Party members.
    >"It's About Time" is looking for people in the Washington-
    >Baltimore area who may be willing to form a committee to
    >help work on the reunion.  We are also asking for any
    >suggestions for a location; hotel, school or other
    >meeting place which can handle workshops and a
    >banquet for up to 500 people. We are a Non-Profit
    >Corporation 501c3.
    >Please let us know as soon as possible if you can
    >donate any time to this project.  We would especially
    >appreciate having someone locally to investigate
    >All Power to the People!
    >Billy X <itsaboutttime3@juno.com>

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