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Date: 09/22/00

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    I met your father in 1973, when he gave a speech at the
    University of Oklahoma.   Unless by coincidence there 
    was another Scott Camil, he was a member of the Vietnam
    Veterans Against the War, and had been indicted in the
    Gainesville 8 conspiracy trial.  This group of veterans had
    been accused of planning a violent disruption of the 1972
    Republican convention.  They were acquitted by a Florida
    One of the government's principal witnesses against them was
    an FBI informant named William Lemmer, who had penetrated
    the VVAW.  He was discredited on the witness stand.
    Lemmer surfaced as an informant after being arrested with a group
    of antiwar demonstrators at Tinker AFB, near Oklahoma City, on
    May 4, 1972.  He was actually an agent provocateur, and manipulated
    the demonstration leaders into persuading others to enter the base,
    so we could be arrested for trespass.  I was a member of the group
    arrested, and spent four months in a penetentiary as a result.  I was
    also the first to suspect Lemmer of being an informant, and instigated
    an investigation of him which  ultimately led to his confession.   You
    can read about the Lemmer/VVAW story in the December 1972 issue
    of Harpers.
    Also see my personal online memoir about this ordeal:
    One of the attorneys in the Tinker trial was Stephen Jones, a very
    unscrupulous man who later gained international fame for defending
    Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh.
      ~ Michael Wright
         Norman, Oklahoma

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