[sixties-l] lyrics to anti war song???

From: RozNews@aol.com
Date: Wed Aug 09 2000 - 21:16:32 CUT

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    Im asking for a friend who is desperatly seeking info about a song that goes
    thru his head . He wrote me the following. Anyone with ideas let me know
    thanks roz
     "I remember only 2 snippets from this song. I am paraphrasing here, but I
    think I'm pretty close:
    "The boys at the fraternity just got drunk and blocked it all out." And
    then... "Writin' 'bout the world and war."

    It was a deep, male voice. Acoustic guitar, as I recall. I think it was a
    narrative of a boy who came into political awareness and resisted the
    draft. It was not slow, or evocative or folksy, but I recall it had a
    compelling. driving beat. But acoustic. It was a powerful song.

    " The boys at the fraternity just got drunk and blocked it all out, yes
    they did." "Writin' 'bout the world and war."

    It's funny, Roz. I recall the last time I heard it. 1972. Remember where I
    lived etc. Remember the radio station and the DJ. Alternative Milwaukee
    radio station. The DJ, Bob Reitman, had been around since the early Beat
    days of the early 1960's. He was an icon. Brilliant. Reitman as a DJ would
    weave these musical collages, or montages, certain type of music, specific
    message. He would play 6 or 7 cuts in a row. Geez, I guess it wasn't
    commercial radio. No commercials. You'd listen intently to all 6 and just
    be blown away. Perhaps being high had something to do with it!!! But I
    don't think so, really. They were crafted and pieced together for musical
    or message consistency. They were artistic and brilliant.

    I wrote to Reitman. He could not recall either which was disappointing.
    This song, and what little I remember, has been floating through my
    awareness for over year. It eludes and escapes me, thus I search harder.

    Can't recall the artist or the title, just these lyrics. Not much to go on.

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