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From: radman (resist@best.com)
Date: Thu Jul 20 2000 - 21:00:59 CUT

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    >From: Frances Beal [mailto:fmbeal@igc.org]
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    >Subject: [BRC-DISC] Imam Jamil/H. Rap Brown
    >At the National Conference, the question of support for Imam Jamil/H.
    >Rap Brown was raised. Because of confusion over where to send funds and
    >how to get in touch with the "legitimate" defense fund, I did some
    >investigation. I received this information from a sister I know well
    >who has been in contact with the family.
    >I urge all BRC members and friends to dig deeply into their pockets to
    >help this brother, who has literally devoted his entire life to the
    >betterment of Black people. I knew this man as "Rap" in SNCC and he was
    >part of that "circle of love" that guided us to take on the white
    >supremecists and to overthrow the hated Jim Crow laws that were then the
    >law of land. He led the way in refusing to fight in Vietnam and as a
    >youth in SNCC he was fearless. In his new life as Imam, he continues to
    >serve the Black Liberation Movement.
    >I urge all of you, regardless of ideological persuasion, to be as
    >generous as you can.
    >Frances M. Beal
    >BRC National Secretary
    >From: "N. Salaam" <salaambay@jps.net>
    >Subject: Imam Jamil
    >Date: Mon, 17 Jul 2000 11:07:47 -0700
    >Through some very blessed occurences I actually went to see Imam Jamil while
    >I was in Atlanta last Friday. He is in high spirits and asked me to give
    >you both his regards and thanks for your support. (More details on the
    >visit later.) I have a mailing address for him, the accurate information
    >on the defense committee and info on the justice fund. (See below.)
    >Mail to the Imam: Imam Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin (0013284-ST-06-06)
    > Fulton County Jail
    > 901 Rice Street
    > Atlanta, GA 30318
    > (The Imam may not be able to respond to all mail
    >depending on the volume received.)
    >Donations should only be sent to: The Justice Fund
    > P.O. Box 93963
    > Atlanta, GA 30377
    > (Imam Jamil Al-Amin's name should be put in the memo
    >section of the checks and money orders.)
    >The Defense committee is : International Committee to support Imam Jamil
    >Abdullah Al-Amin (ICSIJAA)
    > 547 West End Place, S.W.
    > Atlanta, BA 30310
    > (770) 215 - 2152
    >Also, the last weekend of July ( 7/28th - 7/30th) is the 18th annual
    >gathering of Islamic communities under Imam Jamil's leadership and they are
    >planning a major weekend of workshops, lectures, athletic competitions and a
    >youth carnival. They are planning a number of speakers on the Imam's
    >situation and this event is open to Muslims (of all denominations) and
    >nonMuslims. They are also asking for statements of support to be read at
    >the Atlanta event. For more information on the event called the Riyaadah,
    >contact Sister Jamella Jihad at (404) 742 - 7465; email -
    >RIYAADAH2000@aol.com <mailto:RIYAADAH2000@aol.com>
    >Please feel free to distribute this information to others around the globe.

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