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Date: Tue Jul 11 2000 - 05:15:36 CUT

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    Jesse Berrett wrote:

    Actually, there's pretty good evidence for this--to wit, a huge number
    of biracial kids who appeared in Okinawa in 1946-47. For more on the
    American military's despoliation of the island, on which it is
    essentially unchecked, read Chalmers Johnson's new BLOWBACK, which
    should offer you all the proof you need.

    JW reply:

    A large number of biracial kids is certainly evidence of sex, but that
    does not equate to thousands of rapes, at least by common definition.

    Thanks for the reference to CJ's new book, I will look it up. I
    remember his lecutures at Berkeley as being particularly enjoyable.

    Jerry West
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