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Date: Tue Jul 11 2000 - 05:38:32 CUT

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    Simply in support of the referral to Chalmers Johnson's book. He
    is a UC Berkeley professor who propagandized the U.S. government
    line all during the Cold War in a manner that smelled CIA. Now
    that the "enemy" has been defeated, he feels that he can speak
    the truth.
                                                    William Mandel

    Jesse Berrett wrote:
    > >I have seen references to the Japanese rape of Nanking and the Russian
    > >rape of Berlin, but not this. It would be interesting to know who the
    > >historians are and their sources, the time frame involved and what got
    > >classified as rape.
    > >
    > >One does not doubt that some rape occured, but when words like
    > >"thousands" appear the warning flags go up.
    > Actually, there's pretty good evidence for this--to wit, a huge number of
    > biracial kids who appeared in Okinawa in 1946-47. For more on the American
    > military's despoliation of the island, on which it is essentially
    > unchecked, read Chalmers Johnson's new BLOWBACK, which should offer you all
    > the proof you need.

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