Query: Re: [sixties-l] Blankfort interviews SLA member

From: Carrol Cox (cbcox@ilstu.edu)
Date: Wed Jul 05 2000 - 22:37:30 CUT

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    radman wrote:

    > Sarah Olson Ungagged! Special Program-"What's Goin On?" this Friday
    > with Jeffrey Blankfort
    > Sara Jane Olson is the object of a vicious prosecutorial campaign being
    > waged by the Los Angeles District Attorney's Office-the same boffo folks
    > that brought you the frame up of former Black Panther leader Geronimo ji
    > Jaga (Pratt).
    > Last Saturday night Olson spoke at a benefit in San Francisco, along
    > with attorney Stuart Hanlon, about her case and the 1970s-era Symbionese
    > Liberation Army (SLA), of which she is alleged to have been a member.

    At the time many of us thought that the SLA was a police front (like one of
    the terrorist organizations in Czarist Russia in which all but one member
    were Secret Police) -- and that the massacre at the end was a police
    double-cross of their agents. Does anyone on this list know anything either
    way re the group.

    Carrol Cox

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