[sixties-l] POW/MIA History Tape

From: Phillip Daniels (ambush1@sprint.ca)
Date: Tue Jul 04 2000 - 01:00:38 CUT

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    A must-have documentary examining the history of the POW/MIA Movement is now
    > available . Educators, writers, those with an interest in the domestic
    > politics of the Vietnam War, anyone who loved or hated Nixon, and everyone
    > who has been captivated by the continuing vitality of the POW/MIA issue in
    > the United States will want to obtain a copy of "Among The Missing," the
    > first in a five-part documentary series chronicling the history of the
    > POW/MIA activist movement and its impact on America. This program is
    > currently on Specialty Cable TV in Canada.
    > "Among The Missing" tells the story of American women who orchestrated a
    > national public awareness campaign in support of their husbands listed as
    > prisoner-of-war or missing-in-action during the Vietnam Conflict
    > (1965-1973). As their efforts touched off a firestorm that transformed POWs
    > and MIAs into major war issues, the family movement became entangled in the
    > divisive political agendas and manipulations of the Vietnam War. This is
    > the first-ever chronicle of the colorful, kinetic, and sometimes bizarre
    > history of the movement that still today demands that America "bring 'em
    > home or send us back."
    > For more info or to buy tape at low cost, pls. contact Phillip Daniels at
    > ambush1@sprint.ca or by tel/fax (416) 925-0999

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