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From: Ted Morgan (
Date: Thu Jun 29 2000 - 19:05:48 CUT

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    Re. Mark Hebard's interesting point about "when we [meaning society, I gather]
    confuse morality with capitalism" "in the style of Newt Gingrich..." I think
    it's more accurate to say that this "morality" (ideology) is characteristic of
    the entire mainstream from the right through the mainstream liberals --i.e., the
    system is "moral" (in a higher morality sense that justifies anything
    --including, of course, destroying Vietnam-- to preserve the system) in that it
    allows private individuals to make their own private moral decisions, rather than
    imposing morality on them. This is liberalism at its core. I think Mark is
    right when he suggests that the problem (the ideological one at least) arises
    here --in the 'confusion' between the two. This is precisely what the
    morally-grounded movements of the 1960s --from civil rights to antiwar-- argued
    against: the system is not moral.

    Kind of reminds me of an old favorite Toles cartoon in which Yeltsin is talking
    to Uncle Sam and says "We're having problems switching to capitalism. The
    trouble is that all our capitalists are criminals breaking all our laws." To
    which Uncle Sam responds, "That's just an early stage of capitalism. Eventually
    they become powerful enough to rewrite the laws."

    Ted Morgan wrote:

        Regarding capitalism and criminality, these concepts rise from the roots of
    the same tree, and separating them would deflate both definitions.Corporate
    oppression often begins as capitalist effort but then continues buried in
    incompetence and lack of leadership. Many corporate big wigs are moral humans
    with the ability to bleed as well as all of us when regarded as individuals. It
    is when that individual tries to apply this morality on the corporate structure
    that it immediately dilutes out of view. I think that when we confuse morality
    with capitalism in the style of Newt Gingrich and the Empower America geeks we
    see the futility of the right.

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